The Source (Trendsource) Reshop Issue

I completed a grocery store yesterday and under my shop history it shows "Reshop" under Issues. However there is no other info on what could be the problem. I also received an email last night asking me to confirm a request to shop the same location in the next few days. When I click on the link in the email I am told that the shop is no longer available. I have sent a message via their help center but no reply yet. Has anyone else run into something similar to this? I have done this grocery shops often over the past few years but never had an issue like this.

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It means that they're not going to pay you for the shop. Did you send in the report more than 2 hours after check out? They normally automatically give you the chance to reshop it if you catch it before someone else does. In this case it looks like some other shopper grabbed it. Every once in awhile, that reshop is an error but I would email the help desk and ask.

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Still no response to my message to them. I did submit within 2 hours but online via PC rather than their App. I've done it that way numerous times after their warning about 2 hours without any issues.
Same thing happened to me. A shop at the same location for the same dates popped up on the job board, even though I had mine self-assigned two weeks earlier. I asked about the "reshop". They said it was an internal scheduling error, and I would still be paid.

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Borido - good to know. It's only $14 but worrisome as I am very careful with these jobs. It's about the only MS work I have been doing during the pandemic and the shops pay for most of my groceries. I can't see that I did anything wrong and hopefully it is just something on their end.
Finally received this answer from them:

“There was a scheduling error for the projects that were activated on Friday and caused to double book projects. I will be making a special payment for your project.

Apologies for the inconvenience.”

I’m posting their response as there may be many of us similarly affected.
Hello, All! With the grocery store shop on the Source, is it OK to submit on my PC, not the app? TY, Night Owl at 3:34 PM.
I just had this same issue happen to me. No comments under why it was marked as "Reshop." I submitted via my phone right after the shop was completed. I will let you know what happens.
@annelehman wrote:

Hello, All! With the grocery store shop on the Source, is it OK to submit on my PC, not the app? TY, Night Owl at 3:34 PM.

As long as it is submitted within 2 hours, it seems to be OK on a PC. I usually do it that way as I don't want my cold/frozen items to be in the car too long. Also my so called "Reshop" job was just paid. As I reported above, there was by their admission a scheduling problem this past weekend that caused the "Reshop" issue to appear.
I got the same message for my "Reshop" notification. The shop will be paid and it was an internal error on their part.
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