A Closer Look - how to snag newly posted jobs?

Is there any rhyme or reason to when ACL posts new jobs? I check most MSC websites daily and on ACL, there have been quite a few times when a job I would be interested in doing is already taken. Is there any way to monitor (like an RSS feed or something) when new jobs are added, or are they posted around a certain time each day?

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No rhyme or reason, sorry. Clients send the jobs to the MSC when they like,.

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I've likewise been amazed at the speed with which some of their high-end dining shops have been claimed recently -- I check their board a lot and I've still missed them. It made me wonder if some of their schedulers have returned to their policy of "trading" such assignments to those willing to do their less in-demand shops. That policy never bothered me -- it's their clients and they can do what they want. I haven't seen any such trading offers since the days of their pizza timing shop.
AFAIK, they start posting the following month's shops around the 20th of each month. Other than that, there's no rhyme or reason. New shops get posted when they get posted.

Edited to add: I decided to check ACL's Clarity site last night, just because. I lucked out and self-assigned two of the Japanese BBQ shops for August. I have no idea why they posted the shop this time of the month.

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The schedulers have tried to bargain with me in the past, offering a desirable shop only if I completed a few not so desirable shops.
Many MSP's "preschedule" their shops. Most never hit the job boards. I don't know if they still do, but ACL used to "bundle their shops." They would pair the less desirable shops with more popular ones. It was a policy. It looks like they may still do that. ACL does have a button to click on when in the shop page if it is already assigned to get on the back-up list. THEY DO USE IT. It may take a few months, but they do go through those. I've heard the schedulers are outsourced now. They are difficult to get a hold of and they direct you to use the chat feature on the website to get any answers you need to shops. They used to be a great company to shop for! I continued to shop for them after I left scheduling, but things have really changed for shoppers. I will always be a shopper, but they are no longer at the top of my list to search the job board for shops after my latest experience with the chat feature.
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