Does anyone know anything about TNS? Have you done any shops for them?

Reason I ask is I did a purchase/return shop for them last January - reports accepted and everything fine. However, I have yet to be paid - I have emailed them several times but nothing.

Thanks in advance

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I have worked for them for several years and not had a problem. I did no January shops for them but February shops were paid 3/8. Does your Shop Log on the site show that they were paid? Do they have your correct social security number? Do they have your correct address--they pay by paper checks.

When I need to get in touch about a specific job I usually go to that shop on the Shop Log and contact them by the "Help/Contact" from the specific job. I have used that method with other SASSIE companies because it does get someone's attention even though the job is reported and received.
Thanks for your reply Flash.
My shop log says they have been paid- one in Feb and one in March. They have the correct SSN and I have tried the "Help/Contact" several times but still no check.
I've gotten different replies but usually, "the check will be cut on Monday" - just wondering if they have any particular Monday in mind smiling smiley
That is strange, unusual and disturbing. Keep us posted. I have done no March or April shops for them--the ones I like are quarterly rotations. Are you hearing problems on other boards or are you just being "special" (oh lucky you--NOT).
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