ACE Mystery Shopping and Strategic Reflections

Did one company buy out the other company? Confusing emails with both company names stated for the job offer.

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No they two different entities. But shops from SR are gone in my area a while ago. The ACE still available but are required long drive.

Shopping Eastern Pennsylvania since 2009
I was told that Strategic Reflections has merged with another company, thus the delays in processing checks.
Strategic Reflections has long been slow in payments, but never more than a week or two.

Strategic Reflections is merging into (or was acquired by?), Reality Based Group which pays punctually by Direct Deposit or PayPal (shoppers choice). The discussion the merger/acquisition is located at []
Good afternoon! I have met in person and LOVED several members of the Strategic Reflections schedulers over the last few years. I did know about their merger was with RBG about a week or so ago, but, while we wish Strategic Reflections well (and I hope their scheduling/editing team get to stay), they are not affiliated with us at ACE Mystery Shopping.

Deva Roberts
Director of Operations
ACE Mystery Shopping
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