Does Trendsource have its own version of "Samantha" called "Lisa"??

Got several Trendsource texts on my phone today from someone or something named Lisa. The texts were asking if I would be interested in an assignment "near me". The only thing was, the "near me" location was a 4 hour drive away--one way!! So I replied to the text letting the texter know that very thing. No response from texter acknowledging the 4 hour drive. But I got 3 more texts within the next few minutes using the same format, which I just deleted. So I'm wondering if "Lisa" is TS's version of "Samantha" over at MF, or if Lisa is just someone who sends out texts without reading responses! Does anyone know?? TIA!

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I get similar texts for OSIs. My responses are never replied to and the distances are too far. The texts come from different people. I turned them off.

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Thing is, there IS a real person at TS with whom I text occasionally, if I need a date extended or a rotation waived. I KNOW that person, and that she is real. This other "Lisa"??? I have no clue about that one!!
I get OSI emails frequently from "Kristen" at Trendsource asking if I could help out an OSI "near me" -- except she NEVER lists the actual location . . . I just hit delete.
I know I gey real texts. I kniw I have not had a Lusa yet, but not the other names mentioned. My guess is regional territories, maybe bacj uos. But "near" is relative if they need more bodies in a market OR sime assignments are far away and between markets.
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