Scheduler vent.

Can I vent for a minute? I shop for a lot of companies and have always had great schedulers who communicate and work with me on issues that crop up...EXCEPT ONE. Her name has come up here in the past. Almost every shop I have done with her name on it has had issues, and the issues are ALWAYS her error. When I try to fix the error or clarify, she blames it on me. EVERY TIME.

She is so horrible to work with I stopped taking jobs with her name attached, even when they are generously bonused. I haven't done one of her shops for a year! Last week I decided to try again. What a mistake. I don't want to out myself to her on the board, so I'll just say I took one of her shops that kept showing up with higher and higher bonuses. She changed the due date in the instructions but not in the system, so it went back on the board while I was working on it. Instead of saying oops sorry and fixing it, she is sticking to "shopper missed the due date."

Her communication is unprofessional and she lies. In the past, she has scheduled me on dates I specifically said I couldn't do the shop, scheduled me to drive to a shop 60 miles away on a black-out date, etc. I don't understand how she is still employed.

I have one more shop scheduled with her then I'm back off her shops again. I work hard to do a good job. I wish she did, too. But I guess if she did her shops wouldn't be so nicely bonused lol.

TL;DR Lying liars lie.

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That's horrible! It sounds like she is consistently awful due to her frequently bonused shops.

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The only guidance that I can give to you is that you place her, not matter what MSC it is, on your 10 foot pole list. Additionally, if you are correct in what you have said, go over her head.
She's with Ipsos. Any idea how to go over her head? Thanks cor listening. I've taken screen caps for my final job with her. I'm not letting her screw me again.
I did my final shop for her today. It was bonused at 3x the normal rate and it's near my grocery store. I couldn't figure out why it was bonused until I looked at the form to get my scenario. This biz currently has two different shops. One is a normal transaction (shop 1), the other requires you to walk away at a certain point (shop 2). The guidelines for shop 2 are linked, but the scenario is shop 1. I would bet real $$ people were completing it per the linked guidelines and being marked incomplete, so unpaid. I am familiar with both, so I saw the mistake and completed for shop 1. Those are the kind of issues I had with this woman on every shop. *sigh*
I have similar problems with a particular scheduler, but not this one. Mine is with SeeLevelHX. I just delete all her e-mails without opening them -- no matter how desperate the title is!
That's what I did for the last year. I'm going back to that MO. It sucks because I live in a pretty remote area, and as luck would have it she schedules a lot of the decent paying shops that are close to home. It's nice to pick up a few $ without planning a route in the city 30 miles away.
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Who said that? Anyway, I think the OP is doing the right thing by meeting their obligation to finish accepted assignments and then completing no more via this scheduler.

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I've been saying that to myself all week! My fault for thinking she would have learned to be more professional. No more. Old dogs and all that stuff.
Once burned, twice warned, three times a fool. It is best to stop after the first one. Truly foolish not to stop after the second one.

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just got call from MF scheduler. She offered me shop for $16. I refused because I have conflict in schedule. After her call I checked web p[age and the same shop is sitting on the board for $25. That is not the first time she is offered me shop over the phone with fee lover then on the board.

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Toooo FUNNY! Actually sad, but true! I was reading this, and I thought..."I know who this is...she's with Ipsos...." and then this last post....Bwah, ha, ha! 10 foot pole the hell out of her!
i know who you’re talking about… yea, haven’t had any luck with her either. i will say Kate at ipsos has been great with me lately when it comes to responding to anything, nice lady too. easily the bright spot as far as ipsos communication.
I'm so sorry you were treated less than a person by a scheduler. I do know of some that think the are "above".....

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@jay225 Thanks, you're the best! Being a scheduler, like any job, can be stressful...we really have less control than some think, and it's hard to have to rely on other people to do their job in order for us to get paid for ours. But there are nice perks...such as working with awesome shoppers ????

Thank you!

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