Medicare Seminars

Several years ago I did several Medicare seminars but I can not remember which companies did them starting around 10/15.
I no longer have the datasheets from several years ago and wondered which companies are doing them.
I have seen some from Trendsourse but that is the only company I see offering them. Has anyone seen other companies that I might check?

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According to my log, the first Trendsource Medicare job I completed was in 2009 for $45. Shortly before I terminated our agreement, they were down to $17.
@panama18 wrote:

I got an email today from Person to Person Quality.
Are those still "phone" or zoom-type shops only??? Years ago, they had some in-person ones, but so far, I've only seen "phone" and virtual zoom-type ones.
The onsite ones are about 40 and the agent usually includes a lunch or dinner if the meeting is at a restaurant.
Service with Style if you live in Florida.

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I signed up today for a Medicare meeting through Person 2 Person; the fee was $50 + mileage. This is my second of the year, with the prior job through them also paying $50, but no mileage, as it was a double phone shop.
I have my first shop tonight. There was an ad for the company in the weekend newspaper that stated that advance registration was mandatory (which makes sense, for Covid purposes). I sent a message to the MSC asking what I should do if they wouldn't let me in, or insisted on my complete name/phone number for contact tracing purposes but did not get a response. Has anyone else had a problem like that this year? What did you do?

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In years past, I've gotten mail invites requiring registration, but found it wasn't necessary. People just show up. At least in my area.
I "should" do a few of these gigs in order to satisfy my curiosity regarding the general attitudes displayed toward the old and feeble. After all, this is open season on the elderly and the disabled-- and someone stands to make some money based upon those facts of life. OTOH, it is also the first part of wintry weather in my region and most locations are far from home. I would not want to be stranded and miss other assignments because of these assignments that have specific dates and times for completion.

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@foodluvr wrote:

The onsite ones are about 40 and the agent usually includes a lunch or dinner if the meeting is at a restaurant.
I have never done one as a shop but went to one that served dessert. The rep was very unhappy that every single person ordered the most expensive dessert on the menu. She kept trying to convince people to get the single scoop of ice cream. I have never seen one of these in my city that was advertised during a meal hour. They are generally mid morning or mid after noon.
I had one scheduled for tomorrow with TrendSource and got this e-mail:

"The below CMS Event has been cancelled at our client’s request. Please make sure that you do not attempt to attend this Event."

I wonder if it was because of Covid.

The ones I've attended in the last two years have been at hotel or business conference rooms. It's been years since I did one at a restaurant.where he allowed the two of us to request an appetizer.
I attended one this week in a restaurant. I received a mailer but anyone can walk in. The ones in my area are shopped by Person to Person, Service with Style, Second to None, and Trendsouce.

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Most of the ones in my area are at least 40 mins drive time one way. And this late in the month, there is very little left to pick up to make the drive worth it. What I look for is to make at least a dollar for every mile I have to drive. So one or two shops will pay for me to drive and the others are what makes it worthwhile. Not to mention the mileage and the tolls that I get to deduct.

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The agent cannot provide a full lunch or dinner since it is against Medicare rules. They can offer a small snack or dessert only.
Trend Source is notorious for cancelling these Medicare shops at the last minute. I had 5 scheduled and ALL of them were cancelled; 3 in person and 2 online. Never let a scheduled seminar interfere with your other shops and don't schedule other shops around them if they are some distance away because they will 9 times out of 10 be cancelled. This happened well before Covid and is still happening.
Not surprised that your Trend Source was cancelled. They do that ALL the time and have done it for YEARS. Pencil in your scheduled visits and don't count on it.
In my case they get cancelled because nobody is showing up. There were 8 scheduled at the restaurant up the street. The first day I was the only attendee. Did my shop and left. Later that day since it was up the street I stopped by and there was 1 person attending. If this is the response the first day nobody is interested! I made some nice money last year on these shops. They seemed to have dried up except for Trendsource which doesn’t pay much.
Person 2 Person not only has never cancelled on me but also pays more than any other MSC scheduling Medicare plans of which I am aware..
STN used to do a particular companies CMS compliance shops in my area. There were two types, revealed and unrevealed. I preferred the revealed one. These were compliance shops and were not too difficult.

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I did 1 for Person to Person. Had to call about 8 targets before I finally had one to agree to talk to me. Most said they only talk to people who are referred to them.
@Reeree1967 wrote:

I did 1 for Person to Person. Had to call about 8 targets before I finally had one to agree to talk to me. Most said they only talk to people who are referred to them.

I had the opposite reaction when I called to register for an "open house," so I can meet in person and do a one-on-one. The phone agent kept asking me questions in an attempt to sell their Medicare products. I told him I wanted to attend in person, gave him the exact date, time, and location. He then said he couldn't find the event and try to sell over the phone. I hung up and called again to speak to someone else.

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