Shoe stores

I'm trying to find the MSC I used to do shoe store shops for. I've lost my notes!. I'm not asking for client nnmes, just the MSC's. The particular one I am looking for was a Prophet company, but I'd appreciate any shoe shops.

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I did one for Intellishop in 2019. Whether they are still being done and by whom I have no idea.
Maybe you’re thinking of ICCDS/NorthFork. Before they went kaput, they had shoe store shops for years. I haven’t seen another MSC land that client.
Bestmark has a shoe store in my area. Not sure where all they have locations, but I see them every month in my area and surrounding areas.
@wrosie wrote:

Didn't NorthFork become BzZAgent or something like that?

It did and then I think the pandemic killed its mystery shopping division. ICCDS became Northfork Research and then spun the mystery shopping part off as BZZAgent not sure who the parent was still ICCDS or Northfork. I did lots of work with them over the years.

OP They had a few shoe clients as did intellishop and bare had a few over the years. Have seen any in a while. Oh I believe Shared Insights may have had a shoe clint as well or did as from my records BMA Mystery shopping has a shoe client as of 2017 they work through I-secretshop.

Shopping Western NY, Northeast and Central PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Have car will travel anywhere if the monies right.
I loved those shops. Hsven't seen them in years. :-( I did one for another MSC once in my lifetime. Love my $160 shoes.

@ceasesmith wrote:

Kevin Bell schedules shoe shops (and boots and coats and clothing) for Intelli-shop.
true they have them (just was off their website) but all locations are far away from my residence.

Shopping Eastern Pennsylvania since 2009
I got into such shop few times. That was best shoe shops I ever did. I still wore them.

Shopping Eastern Pennsylvania since 2009
The Brandt Group had one I would do once a year or so. Haven't seen it posted since the pandemic.

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