A Closer Look When Do They Post New Shops?

Hello All!
I have been a shopper for many years but recently had some health issues and haven't kept up with shopping as much as I would have liked. I realize A Closer Look has gone to a new system. Previously they used to post new shops around the 20th of the month but in the new format the dates seem to roll. Is there still a time when most shops are posted?

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Frankly, I haven't been able to figure out a pattern or a reasoning on the postings. I check daily but even that doesn't mean I'll find something interesting for the month ahead. Really feels like "hit and miss".
Agreed, I saw one December shop go up yesterday. Others have been on the board for weeks, and other regulars haven't been posted yet.
And for me it looks as though they post the new shops each month a day or so before I get to them so the best ones are already taken when I get there. I have not yet figured out the system.
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