My LRA airport is now with CXE

My local airport previously used LRA for badged shoppers. It was absolutely the best mystery shopping experience I've ever had both in terms of reliable pay and shopper communication. The contract is now going to be handled by CXE. It seems like I'll be taking a small pay cut if I participate, but not such a significant one that it would render the work not worthy of my time. Comparing reimbursement is a bit difficult since LRA had the unique per diem system, but in some cases I might actually be getting a higher reimbursement for particular shops, and the parking will be paid for. I've always found CXE excellent to communicate with. If anyone has done badged shopping with both I'd be eager to hear their experiences, especially when it comes to the reports. I've done some relatively time-intensive CXE airport dining reports, but those would have been for the restaurant client, not the airport client.

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cxe view?
I have done purchase-and-return shops for them.
Tedious but easy reports, fast payments, helpful scheduler.
That's weird because the airport shops I used to do for CXE are now posted on a different MSC's job board. I also don't know who/what is LRA.

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Yes CXE, which used to be CSE, has had some airport contracts return. The people that were managing the airports for LRA-Deloitte have moved on to other ventures.

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I worked for CXE (CSE) prior to covid at my local airport. As far as I know they are not shopping my airport at this time but for me that is okay as my airport is a mess of traffic right now with construction going on everywhere. Just as covid hit they were streamlining the reporting and I was looking forward to reports with all the redundancies removed . I do not know if they use the same report forms for all airports.
They are also very reliable with pay and they communicate well. I did a job for them recently and I got incredibly quick answers when I emailed them.
I've done (and am doing) badged shops for CXE in an aiport setting. I don't have a comparable experience with LRA to juxtapose against (have done LRA work before, just not in an airport setting) but my experience with CXE is decent - the shop forms are a little fluid though, but I think that is because they are newer. The contact and communication is strong and the renumeration is decent. Recommend.
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