I'm dreading tomorrow....And a shout out to Market Approach!

Kimberly, you are correct. Two separate shops, and the other was a retail purchase (and return!) shop.

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Interesting. If I assume that a "4 hour round trip" means 2 hours each way and that an hour of driving equals 50 miles on average, then just the 200 miles is $117 at the IRS rate of $0.585 per mile. That leaves $83 for 4 hours of my time. I consider that reasonable. So, if this is above the base fee for the shop (the base fee has to pay for my time at the location, time to prepare, and time to submit), then I agree with your number. I also need to factor in how often the editor requires that I go back because they don't like a photo or something else.
@ceasesmith wrote:

For me, around $200.

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
I didn't have to answer questions from the editor, but learning to record and convert to MP3 took a while! Knowledge I hope I can use again.

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