can someone tell which MSC has the Pizookie restaurant

Yes, i do like the brussels sprouts and they have brought back the unlimited soup and salad lunch special which I really enjoy. The only pizza i liked was the Mediterranean which I did away with several years ago but sometimes they will make it for me . It was really good with olives, feta cheese, reg cheese , pepperoncini's, chicken and perhaps sun dried tomatoe...its been a while since I had it but the last time I was there I ordered a pizza from the menu and it was not very good but when i was speaking with the server I mentioned the Medditeranean and he said they can still make it for me. If they can make the Mediterranean on the flatbread pizza appetizer that would be even better.

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Glad they upped the reimbursement. The old $35 cost me out of pocket for a half price monday pizza with a soda and the cheapest side on my recent shop.
I just took one for next month and was pleasantly surprised by the increased reimbursement. We usually go for lunch and can have a decent meal for that price. I took it on a Wednesday and their burgers are $10 that day, and my wife often orders that. I was not impressed with the pizza the one time I tried it, tasted like Pizza Hut (which i guess many people do like but it was not what I was expecting)

The Brussels sprouts appetizer is excellent, or was when we last ate there a couple of years ago.

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