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Anyone see any shops on here? I haven't for awhile. I go to other states and don't see anything either. It keeps saying I'm not eligible to shop even in my own state.

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I see a few things every once in a while but nothing but college bookstores recently.

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AboutFace uses two reporting platforms - Prophet 4 and ShopMetrics, depending upon client. If available, I see shops on both. This MSP had a slow paying spell. They appear to have come out of that successfully. I have been paid according to terms for the past couple of months.
I do their mall Kiosks, but not much this month, I work for the Prophet side...never had a pay problem with them.

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AboutFace currently has lots of available shops that must be done before July 31. Please log into your account in Shop Metrics to view available shops in your area. Bonuses are available!!!! We look forward to working with you!


You may also email me at heather.stokes@aboutfacecorp.com for more information.

Heather Stokes
877-770-8585 Ext 726
TEXT ONLY 706-819-8396

Heather Stokes
AboutFace Consulting Corp.
Director of Finance
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