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I used to get many USPS jobs. They don't seem as prevalent as they used to. Does anyone know of companies that offer these USPS jobs. Thank you for your info in advance.

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Oops. Can you edit your post please? We are not allowed to mention both the client and the company in the same thread. And as to your question, I have seen no other companies that do that client.
****** has that contract but I want to warn you up front - it's very expensive and they do not give you the true dollar value that you will need to ship out the packages, you wil not get paid for mileage or gas and they are too cheap to print there paper work and mail it to you - they require that you print your own and you will NOT be compensated for your equipment and supplies.

The staff is not supportive and they will also assign you shops and cancel with no notice and they pay twice monthly, sometime on time sometimes not. They also do not give concessions for emergencies, my brother died on a Friday and Grandmother on the next Wednesday and they pretty much said so what do our shops or else.

Approach at your own risk.
Again a very different experience. I am sitting here with packages to be mailed next week that came with the questionnaires printed so I do not need to download and print them, came with the full instructions printed as a packet and a blank invoice for me to send in my bill. They are about the only company that DOES mail out the paperwork--though they are moving with many of their other jobs to download and print yourself like the current industry standard. No MSP that I work for pays additional compensation for using my printer or supplies. Those as well as computer and internet and providing transportation are all assumed responsibilities of the Independent Contractor. There are very few MSPs that pay anything towards mileage though a few will for distant locations. I have found the Maritz staff supportive and helpful when I have made a mistake as well as when there is an issue in the field. I have never had them cancel a shop, the payments have always been reasonably prompt--faster than most MSPs--and complete. You are the first shopper who I have heard complain about them except about their low fees, issues with their photo shops and that their schedulers are too sweet to say "no" to.
Again, I am very happy for you. My expereince has not been like yours so I feel it is only fair for people to see the good, the bad and the ugly of every aspect in life that way your expectations will not be challenged.

Best wishes to you and the unnamed one.
I certainly am not attempting to invalidate your experience because each of us has had our run ins with one or more MSPs over time. I am puzzled however by some of your comments. Do you have many MSPs you work with that send you the paperwork to be completed? I know that when I did this stuff 40 years ago all of the paperwork was mailed back and forth--miserable mimeograph or ditto copies of surveys and instructions. I rejoice with each MSP that decides they can accept a scanned receipt rather than having to mail them with no reimbursement for postage. And after a recent experience with a priority mail envelope being "lost" for six weeks the less mailing necessary, the better in my book!
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