About Face - I'm very frustrated!!!

So aggravating...for the past two months every time I log on and go to my state it says I'm not eligible for any shops in the state I chose. What's going on?

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My usual gambit when that happens with a company is to drop them an email asking why I am not seeing anything and asking if I messed up some how I am unaware of. Most of the time the response is that there just is nothing in my area these days.
I have gotten that message as well, but figured it's due to no jobs within my radius, as I got an email for a rush job in my town. I wouldn't worry it, it's late in the month for many jobs to still be out there.

Live consciously....
I am really surprised. They always seem to have that Pet shop in my area all month long. About face is now on shop metrics, so you have to check both log ins.
I think the pet shop is available in all areas because they have a web and phone shop for that company.
Check your emails. Do a search using About Face and chances are it will show up if you saved it. If that doesn't work, call them. They can probably find you by your SSN.
A Prophet user name is typically your email address. Shopmetrics normally assigns a user name. When registered with many MSPs, it's helpful to save sites, user names, passwords and other details.
Cheer up, it's either feast or famon with AF....after getting the no shops availabe for a couple months, I am now getting 4 emails daily to do the same shops over and over...60miles rd. trip for 10.00. I work for them when they have something closer, but it's more annoying toet these constent emails. Lizdreamz Wrote:
> So aggravating...for the past two months every
> time I log on and go to my state it says I'm not
> eligible for any shops in the state I chose.
> What's going on?

Live consciously....
so was I.
I had to reschedule a cosmetic shop because of a nasty thunderstorm. I spoke to the rep who said that "one of us will be here tomorrow". I e-mailed the scheduler who adjusted the due date. The next morning I called, as directed in the guidelines and am told that the reps get there usually at eleven. Par for the course for an avant guard company with salaciously named lipsticks and rouges. I get there at eleven fifteen, no rep. The competing co. rep shows me foundation, writes the info on to be shopped rep's business card. I submit the report and you guessed it AF won't pay the $12. Lord knows I've explained & explained.
Sooo they saved $12 and lost me, a pretty good shopper with many tens notched on her belt. Me, I saved money because I don't know how not to buy from someone who made me beautiful, especially using a blush called "orgasm".
Marijaldm, I do those shops, always call to see if Associate is there.
I just got a Kiosk shop rejected (tons of work), due to a typing error stating I arrived at 11:02 instead of 12:02. I made a mistake and told them....will see if they come around. Will stop working for them if they refuse to pay for this job. Maybe they were looking for a way to not send report in, as it was negative. I have done this shop (same location) many times and know on Sunday to start an hour after opening. Pretty small minded if they don't take my word.

Live consciously....
Irene_L.A., I always call ahead too. Isn't it part of the questionnaire? I've forgotten. I've done many of the cosmetic shops and found at least twice that the reps either leave early or don't show, they seem to be tempermental lot!
I'm disappointed in AF, at least negotiate.
I've had other no shows and in both cases got paid in full for my time.
The cosmetics shop is the one that gave me the eye infection from you know where. I would never attempt it again. The rep by the way told me it is embarrassing to tell her grandma what that blush is called. I not only think it is embarrassing but disgusting and sad.

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