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This company is the WORST!! They won't accept my report because I decided to return an item to a different location, after deciding I did not want to keep the item. Absolutely the worst company!

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And was the requirement that you NOT return the item? Or only that you return it to the store where purchased? I have never worked with International Service Check but I am well aware that there are some shops where it is specified that you may not purchase off of clearance, you may not return the item or that you may not return OR exchange the item. If they specified in their instructions that you must keep the item or that you could not return the item, then they were completely right to not pay for the shop if you returned it.

In the case where a return is forbidden, then reselling the item on Craig's List or eBay or just gifting or donating it to charity for the tax deduction are your options for goods you do not want.
That is a stipulation with one of Beyond Hello's famous P/R shop, but they make it perfectly clear in the instructions.

Regarding this company, I have never shopped for them, but I find the pay for shops I've been contacted about to be very low. What really irritates me, however, is that the fees always come with exclamation points, as if to say, "Wow, look how much!!!" Um...NOT.
Would you be talking about "Service Check"? I work for them and they are a fussy MSC. The Editors there are off the hook crazy over detail, so, they probably required you to return to shop where you bought it at...they will deduct points for everything, but I've always been paid. Sorry they didn't pay you.....

Live consciously....
To jlbjeep00:

The role description to be followed for your shop clearly stated that the purchased item was to be returned for a refund at the same store so that the return process could be evaluated.

Because you chose to return the item to a different location, we were unable to use your report.

Evaluating the return process was an important part of the shop and required by the client. By failing to follow the provided instructions, your report was not valid and therefore could not be sent to the client. You will not be paid for a report that cannot be used.

Remember, if you have any questions about what exactly you need to do or not do on a visit, contact your coordinator. It is their job to make sure you know exactly what is required of you.
Dear Newbie,

You said it yourself, "You decided!" It is not your decision to make. It is extremely important for you to understand, if you accept a contract, you must have a clear understanding and take verbatim what is expected of you. As for anyone who complains about the money offered per job...if you don't like it don't take it. If you're new to this business...we all start off taking the low paying jobs for the experience which is necessary for the higher paying jobs. You wouldn't want to be left holding the bill for a $500. hotel job because you didn't follow the instructions to the letter.

Cheers and good luck in the future!
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