Re: Best Mark , Ritter Associates, and Sinclair Mktg.

Hi, all. Have any of you worked with Best Mark, Ritter, and Sinclair? They are the slowest when it comes to paying: two months after the shop is completed and approved. Has any one else had the same problem with them?

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Yes, Sinclair is slow, but Bestmark pays twice a month (one of my fastest). Don't work for Ritter. Friday, I got a check from Bestmark for all my shops through the 17th of April. Have you checked your history to see if the check was processed? Could it have been lost in the mail? I"ve always received the check on the "processed" date. Since it's been so long, you should probably do a payment inquiry cause something's not right.

I should have said "I" don't work for Ritter. I know nothing about them!

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The prize for last to pay on my shop sheets almost always goes to Service Sleuth. By comparison the rest of these guys you name are jack rabbit payers. Coming in as runner ups for the "honors" are Freeman and JC&Assoc.
So far I did only 6 jobs for them.
My first 3 were on 4-7-8 and 4-11-8.
I got my check on 4-23-8.
Has anyone done the ***** Best Buy shops? The pay is always 10 dollars but the work required is ridiculous. You have to have two lengthy interractions with different salespeople AND evaluate the cashier and then go home and do a report that always takes at least 45 minutes to complete. Plus, you have to make a purchase that does not get reimbursed. Just too much work for 10 bucks.
Alexis-Please edit your post so that the client and the msp are not mentioned together. This is a big no-no that is prohibited by the independant contractors agreements that we all sign. (ICAs)

You can edit it with the button you have at the bottom of your post. Revise it to say "electronics" shops, and we'll all know what you're referring to.
Yes, most of us have been suckered into those Best Buy shops once. And yes, they are a PITA. I think of them as 2 shops at $4.50 each because the reimbursement is next to worthless, reduces the shop to a $9 shop and requires the work of two shops.
I've worked for both Ritter and Best Mark. Ritter has always paid the month following the shops and Best Mark pays twice a month.
I've never had a problem with either company.
Bestmark is kind of strange....I have done shops on both ends of the spectrum for them. If you pick up their low pay/too much work shops, sometimes your scheduler will reward you with a higher paying shop. In fact, I got my best ever restaurant shop through them-- over $200! I will only take the low pay shops if the scheduler agrees to put me on the list for the "fun shops".

I do find they pay fairly quickly, but they only issue paper checks (no PayPal).

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I have done a little for Ritter. They are reasonable and pay ok. I would
not recommend a brand new shopper to use them. Their software is very much
a maze to negotiate. Get some experience first, then Ritter is fine. I would do
more for them but they have very little in my area.
I have found some Ritter shops can only be done every 6 months or so , but they are fun shops, and I do get my oil changed or whatever for free.
Ritter has fun dog kennel boarding shops but they can only be done every six months like stated above.
Do shops other than the endless gas stations show up only after you have shopped for them for a while? All I ever see are gas and underage compliance at gas stations.
I have worked for Bestmark for over 3 years. I just received payment for a shop I did on May only 3 weeks........pretty good consider they mail checks still. Wish they paid ABD or paypal. I enjoy their casual restaurant and coffee in the bookstore shops. I noticed a hotel shop on the Oregon coast which I will consider in the future.

lmd1956 Wrote:
> Ritter has fun dog kennel boarding shops but they
> can only be done every six months like stated
> above.

I've just taken two of these, but they haven't sent me a scenario or question list yet. No answer to my email.
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