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Can anyone tell me how much narrative they require? I did a report last night, but rushed through it because I found out a friend was in the hospital. I know I didn't write as much narrative as I should have.
I probably could have handled the situation differently, but I was upset and not thinking correctly. Does anyone have any experience with this company? Hoping if they contact me they will understand and let me correct any errors. =(

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Sorry that you haven't gotten an answer until now. I've been VERY busy and haven't checked the forum in a while. I'm sure it's too late to help you with the report, but...

I work with a few projects in Customer 1st and they don't seem like they require too much narrative. Most of the forms have you explain any "no" or "n/a" answers. In those sections and any describing the experience, a few sentences seem to suffice.

Hope this helps you in the future and that your friend is okay!

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