Ipsos' Invitation to August Mystery Shopping Work Shop in Austin, TX

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I went to the one in Atlanta last year. I started Mystery Shopping in the last 12 months, so helped me immensely to understand best practices for audits (e.g Bix Box electronics store audits, gas station revealed shops, etc). I also enjoyed interacting with several other fellow shoppers, both new and experienced.

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I don't pay to shop so I would not do this. Most shops have instructions on how to perform the task correctly. Most MSCs have info on their website about what is expected from mystery shoppers and some even have tutorials. Paying to have someone verbally go over these topics, to me, is unnecessary as most of the info is freely available.

Might be good for folks who have trouble with reading comprehension. I know a scheduler or two that could learn that. But if you can read, and take a multiple guess test, there is really no reason to pay Ipsos money for the privilege of working for far less than you're worth.
I've never been to one, but I am interested in seeing what it has to offer. I like to learn new things, and even if the content is minimal I'm interested to see/meet area shoppers. It seems to have boomed with mystery shoppers in the area in 2023 - boo hoo - lol.

Also, in personal finances, doing that which others disparage has served me well. winking smiley
I have a very good friend that is living close to Austin, might be incentive to go. But I'm still not paying Ipsos for the privilege.

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@hatter_pan I think it was a good idea for you to go. I know the general rule is not to pay to shop, but as a new shopper it seemed like it was a good investment. Didn't they drop the price to $30? I think it was just to cover the cost of lunch, snack, and drinks. I didn't get the impression that they were offering a "master class" for mystery shoppers with platinum certification. I am not sure they could make a case for signing up for the VIP pass.

@hatter_pan I am curious, did they give you first crack at any shops before releasing them to the general pool of shoppers as a bonus for attending?

I appreciate that a couple of people that attended have posted a little about their experience. It seems that when a thread was started on this topic last year, no one went, and one person that had planned on attending had a last minute family emergency so they could not go.

If I lived in a city where they were going to have it, I might consider going especially if it fit in my schedule. It seems that you have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers.
I live in Austin, but still can't justify spending $40. If I knew I'd meet schedulers and help build a relationship that could have long term benefits, I might consider. But I don't recall that opportunity mentioned.
With Ipsos actively trying to cut schedulers out of the money stream I can't imagine why any schedulers would want to go to their seminar.
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