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Did anyone else get an email from Summit Scheduling to do a shop for IPSOS? I was supposed to take pictures of charge card signs, cash registers, etc. at a catering service. When I got to the address, it was a private house in a residential neighborhood. Needless to say, I didn't ring the doorbell. Very strange. I wonder if they'll pay me anything.

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If you read their followup emails, they suggested that you call ahead. When I called ahead the address was wrong by a couple of storefronts. I used the Help/Contact for the shop to let them know the discrepancy and, as expected, they told me to go ahead at the address mentioned on the phone. The only photo needed was the front of the building OR a business card from the location or I think there was a third choice. Not a bad shop at all. One of their followup emails indicated you could perform it as a overt shop but just keep the IPSOS name out of it. 5 minutes of creative preparation and the shop went off like greased lightning with folks only too happy to tell me what I needed to know. In and out in 5 min an maybe 5 min more for the report.
I did call ahead and I got an answering machine with a recorded message. This was a totally residential neighborhood miles away from any stores. I took photos of the mailbox, the street sign and the house on my cell phone but I don't know how to transfer the photos from my phone to my computer. I did email the scheduler and let her I would text the pictures to her if she sent me a cell phone number.
I would use the Help/Contact and be prepared to upload the photo to the report itself. They know their database is full of inaccuracies, which was why they wanted you to call ahead. If they just cancel based on it being a residence you hopefully will still be paid.
OK, good suggestion. I will use the help/contact feature. Do you think I should fill out the report anyway?
Unless today was your deadline I would wait for a response from them I think. I did not see a section on the survey where you could explain what happened so I think some communication aside from the report is called for. Frankly all that you have as a 'report' would be N/A and the photo.
I am doing this type of shop tomorrow at a retail store and I know they are open. But good gosh oh mighty, 13 pages on the guidelines. I have read the guidelines twice and my eyes started to burn.I have never even heard of that mobile device where you can charge your purchace with your phone! Looked at the report and of course saved it, and it looks like (I Hope!) there will only be 11 questions I need to answer as there are a whole lot more than that.
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