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Ritter has me so aggravated. This is the second time in a couple months that I signed up to do one of their phone shops. And again they did not assign them to me. What does it take to get a shop from Ritter?

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keep at it.... eventually they will... just signed up for some shops that i didnt get either... i think i have done the same shop 7 times before... thought i was a shoe in... but nope life goes on..

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This time of year they don't have a lot of phone shops. Later on in the fall and winter they will have plenty I have done quite a few for them. Just keep appling and you will get ssome soon.
It was that way with me and ACE. It took forever for me to be assigned something I applied for with them. Then after I was, I was accepted regularly for the jobs.
Ritter likes to give me storage lockers and boonie shops no one else will take. They won't give me the convenience stores here at home. I applied for 34 and didn't get a single one. They can keep their boonie shops til they rot! I'll drive right past them 3 or 4 times in the next two weeks.

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I had a great relationship w this company but something has changed recently. They don't respond to email, the shops have all new people as their scheduler and I have not been assigned one shop in a couple of months. I have applied for the same job and not heard a thing about it and then I get a mass email saying that it is open.

I have not had a negative report, never flaked or cancelled last minute so I just don't understand what has happened.

Any ideas?

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I would drop the new scheduler a pleasantly chatty email indicating that I was wondering if there was something that I had done wrong since I had had a great relationship with fairly frequent shops but recently was not being assigned any of the shops I requested. I would ask what I could do to 'fix' the situation as I had enjoyed working with the company.
Ritter has recently become one of my favorite companies. As I stated earlier, I applied, applied & applied for years. Now I've done 11 shops for them have gotten every assignment requested. Albeit small, simple shops, they are places I pass everyday and would go in anyway.
It took me a long time to come to this conclusion but with all msc it is somewhat random. Who gets there first is a biggie. You never know how many others are applying. Try not to take it personally. Schedulers with the busy companies are swamped and just trying to get things scheduled efficiently.
Agreed. I did drop the scheduler a chatty note and was assured that I had done nothing wrong, just first come first serve. Keep trying was the advice they gave. Thanks for the help Flash.

Shopping Chicago land since 2010
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