Satisfaction Services now Texas CX solutions?

I just got a notification on FB that Satisfaction Services changed its name to Texas CX Solutions.


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I would proceed cautiously with this company - whatever they call themselves. They have scammed so many of their shoppers by never paying them, myself included.
This MSC had an unusual franchise arrangement where there were Florida and Texas offices that were separately owned. It was the Florida office that stopped paying shoppers. Given that shoppers are fleeing Satisfaction Services it would make sense if the Texas office decided to end the franchise arrangement, which seems to be the case.

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Do they just have jobs in Texas or also in the surrounding areas?

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.
This industry could be so interesting and cool, but it’s chock full of scammers and schemers. Such a letdown.
Hello shoppers! This is Jon from Texas CX Solutions (formerly Satisfaction Services of Houston)! I wanted to clarify for everyone what has happened, so rumors do not take a life of their own. I have had my business for about 16 years, and I was technically a franchise of the home office of Satisfaction Services in Florida. I have asked for and been provided a release from my contract, and will start scheduling as soon as possible under Texas CX Solutions

Unfortunately, I do not have access to any payment information for the FL office; we only scheduled and managed clients and shoppers separately through the shared database, and I do not have any access to their payment systems. I will be paying evaluator from August and early September from SSI Houston, and then will hopefully have my systems up and running this month, too.

We will also be up on GigSpot, for those of you who already are members there. Please keep an eye out for new shops coast-to-coast on that platform, or you may sign up (for free) under our website. Right now, we have mostly shops in Texas (Houston and Dallas), but hope to find more clients as we ramp up! Please let me know if you have any questions, or you may reach me online. Good luck and happy shopping!

Jon Kasman, Owner/CEO
Texas CX Solutions
www.texascxsolutions. com

Texas CX Solutions
I have no idea what you are saying about being a franchise, and not having access to the payment system, of the shoppers of the franchise, that you owned. This makes no sense to me. I am still awaiting payment for a shop I did in July and would like to warn people, to not take any shops from Satisfaction services or Texas CX Shopper services until people are paid. You can't just change the name of a company and not pay all the people that work for your previous company. That's not fair to anyone.
Here is what I posted on another thread about SS:
"Here's something interesting. A couple of weeks ago, someone from Satisfaction Services posted about how SS is transitioning from Satisfaction Services to this new Texas CX Solutions. I posted on it about my concerns. Here is the link:
The signature of "Jon. Owner" is the same name as the name Jon listed as the Managing Partner in the Houston office of Satisfaction Services.

A skunk still smells like a skunk, no matter what name you give it!!"
I would advise to proceed with caution with this MSC.
@TickedOffinFlorida wrote:

Find another company to work with.
I've never worked with them. I've just read many, many, many threads on this Forum over the past few years about this MSC, so just warning folks to really be cautious before they go accepting work from them, based on their record. And to stress that a new name doesn't mean they're going to start paying folks on time, if ever!
It was made very clear for many years that the Florida and Texas offices of SSI were independently owned and operated. They had different schedulers and sent checks from different offices. The dissolution of the franchise certainly shows the downside of such an agreement, and in retrospect it was obviously a poor business decision to buy a SSI franchise instead of just starting a new MSC, but expecting Jon to pay the shoppers screwed by Mickie is like expecting one Burger King to offer a refund if another one down the road messed up your order.
Wouldn't take any jobs from them until they pay the previous Shoppers and evaluators what they owe them
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