Introducing Texas CX Solutions

Good afternoon all schedulers and shoppers!
I would like to thank you for working with us or being close contacts over the years. We have had our company for over 16 years, and now it is time to make a change. Satisfaction Services of Houston will transition to become Texas CX Solutions effective immediately.

This is an exciting change that I believe you will find valuable. Our new website is and we are ready to sign you up for our same incredible mystery shopping opportunities and programs.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Our new contact information is available online at and you may also submit any questions via text, phone, or email.

Thank you for your support as we transition to our new company. We look forward to helping our clients succeed in this very competitive restaurant and retail environment while identifying new opportunities and improvements in their customer experience!

Jon. Owner
Texas CX Solutions

Texas CX Solutions

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Well wait a minute. Isn't "Satisfaction Services" one of a few MSCs that either delay or do not pay their shoppers in a timely manner, if ever?? Check out this thread:
So it begs the questions, WHY the name change?? Was their any sort of financial difficulties (e.g., bankruptcy) that prompted any sort of organizational changes, including the change in the name?? Just wondering!!!
I have a question when will I get paid for the shops I already did for you under satisfaction services
I cannot say for certain...but it seems like there are different Sat Serv offices. I thought there was one in Florida and now I see this Texas one. Maybe it's like a franchise thing and each office runs their own company. Like I said....I am not sure of this. I do not do anything for them anytime recently. It's been since Obama presidency since I have done a shop for them.

So maybe this guy Jon wants to get away from a tainted name if his "franchise" of that name was clean. But then @guysmom asks legit questions. Some businesses do change their names just to start over.
Jon would be better off not even mentioning Satisfaction services as Satisfaction services left so many shoppers including me unpaid. Apparently the Houston office is separating from the company and starting a new company on their own. I still will never work for them or trust tem.
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