Has anyone had payment issues with Goodwin? All companies I've worked for - even high end restaurants shops, have paid me within 30 days. I don't believe I've ever contacted any company for a late payment. Goodwin's policy is to contact them after 90 days if I have not received payment. I am now being told I should receive a check in 10-15 business days, which makes payment over 120 days. I performed the shops back in March - it's a $14 payment per shop! Not a lot of money. I don't have the time to contact them every 90 days for every shop I've done. Is this the norm?

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I signed up for this company and never heard back. Between this and Volition I'm starting to get a complex winking smiley

Now that I'm finding out it takes 120 days to get paid, I don't feel too bad.
yes! i have waited up to six months for payment from this company. yes, six. it was horrendous. they seem to "sort of" have their payroll department now. IF you keep on them, two to three times a week you will indeed receive your pay pal payment. However, its a part time job in itself tracking down the payroll associate. hang in there, and keep at them.
I contacted them when it was past 90 days and was also told 10-15 business days. Still waiting for my March shops to be paid as well.
I got a check yesterday for my Mar, April and May checks. Only positive is that even though Mar. was 90 days past due, May was less than 60 days. Does this mean, they wait and bunch up all your shops and pay them all together?
Or perhaps they pay when the amount becomes large enough you might consider Small Claims Court?
Flash Wrote:
> Or perhaps they pay when the amount becomes large
> enough you might consider Small Claims Court?

Gosh, I hope that is not the case. I boycotted June shops because I did not want the sum to get too large just in case....
I'm only teasing. But they have had payment issues for several years and for a while a rep from the company was on the boards here indicating that they hoped they would get things squared away. The point is that they obviously have not, so you have to figure that any shop you perform is at your own risk.

I can understand a company having issues with clients paying late. Since most contracts appear to be one year, it would be sensible to negotiate a tighter pay cycle for subsequent work or (heaven forbid!!) drop the client. Rather the slow pay problem goes on and on like a scratched record. (Hmmm. Scratched record. Guess I am dating myself.)
They apparently do the hiring for some of their clients. I saw a job posting for a restaurant manager at one of the shops I perform. So, it appears they are recruiting for their clients as well. I got my March payment on Saturday - 4 months! If I was a bill collector, I would be charging interest after 30 days.
Slow pay, I don't bother with them anymore. I can do restaurants through Best Mark and Spies in Disquise and get paid within 2-3 weeks, not 120 days!
I'm always surprised that they still have shoppers! With that kind of pay schedule, I seriously cannot be bothered to shop for them. In my area, they only have ice cream shops for low pay. I'd rather pay up front for my cone and not have to write a report or chase down my money.

Really, how do they keep any shoppers? Do the shops get done by different newbies month after month? Where and when is it considered normal business practices to have to remind a company to pay you, time after time, shopper after shopper?

Until they change their pay schedule and actually honor it, this company is at the very bottom of my @#$%& list.
I got an email yesterday proclaiming a $20 bonus on a Goodwin shop. I deleted without opening, so don't even know what shop it was for. I don't need to chase payments and get aggravated, even for an extra $20 bucks.
I just asked where a location was in a chain that they do and they assigned me to it. I emailed them back and said that it was no where near me and please delete it.
I found that they did not pay unless you contacted them and actually asked for it. I stopped working for them after this continued for about a year and every 3-4 months I would have to ask it was like they were hoping you would forget.
I just did a shop for them. The reimbursement did not come close to covering the amount I had to lay out. I will never shop for them again.
While somewhat slow, I've always received payment from Goodwin. The last 2 times I have had to email them via their shopper payment inquiry on the website and I was responded to immediately from an individual in their business office and the payments I've received have been as promised.
Agreed that they do ultimately pay, but the combination of low reimbursements/pay, and then having to hunt down the money makes them a company I have no interest in ever working for again.

They also appear to be well capitalized, which makes the late payment even less acceptable, IMHO.
I agree with Steve. I had to chase them down for a 10.00 payment for a healthy shake shop. Not to mention the fact that the drink I got I christened "crapuccino" as it was so vile and the service was vile as well.
Well, I started this thread and...I finally got my check for the last two shops I performed in April and early May - over 90 days for one, over 120 days for the other. This was after at least six e-mails and numerous excuses. They are always extremely apologetic, but I'm too busy to chase them down.
Waiting for an ice creme shop I did 2 months ago...hopefully the end of this month..ya think? No more for me, screw me once, shame on you, screw me twice, shame on me.

Live consciously....
Rule of thumb with Goodwin -- don't ever expect to be paid less than 90 days after the shop, and be prepared to call or email and ask for payment. That is the ONLY way I have ever been paid. Those who wait, well, may keep waiting indefinitely.
Just submitted an inquiry for payment for a job completed May 7th. Blech

Evaluating and mailing packages since 1994
wow.. I'm reconsidering a dinner shop I'm booked for for next week. I wish I'd read this a week ago! I feel stuck since I've already committed myself. I'm in for 4 shops already.

Just cancel all of them and tell them it's based on the numerous negative comments on this site and on V-GOD's site. No big deal, really. You owe them nothing, they have no absolutely respect for screwing and delaying shopper pay, so screw them.
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