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My main complaint, besides the low balling the pay and incremental $3 increases, is if I stand at the one and only planogram in the store and there is nothing to remove or restock from back stock, 15 minutes is at least a ball park figure of time invested. But to find the planograms,( I have always fround more than 1) ask the staff (which can result in waiting for them to be free of customers) about back stock, then Xing out the expired ones, (with your own black sharpie not supplied by CI) and filling in the GSC form on the premises is at least 30 minutes. The schedulers should try these shops to be realistic with time involved.

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@big_sky_thunder wrote:

...then Xing out the expired ones, (with your own black sharpie not supplied by CI)...

The marker thing is a joke. C'mon, CI, don't make me pay out of pocket for one when you're only paying me $9 to begin with. If you can reimburse for double-sided tape, you can reimburse for a marker.

Just like if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. grinning smiley

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