Regal - avoiding Loyalty points

I saw there was a discussion last spring, but the client I am eyeing tends to automatically put my Membership number in, and I am not sure if it is based off of my phone number or email. Description states the loyalty number can not be used when making the reservation. Any clarification from anyone, if that were to happen? Any suggestions on avoiding automatic application of membership number when making a reservation? Using a diff email address is not a big deal - I would be afraid of missing important info, if I do not use my real phone number.


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I don't add mine automatically but I use my regular emails and etc. that I need to book the reservation. If the hotel finds my account and adds me in, so be it. I've never had a problem having the shops accepted with Loyalty Points.

The only time I think it becomes an issue is if you're a high ranked member of any Loyalty program, i.e. qualify for free breakfasts, etc. which could interfere in your ability to pay cash at the bar or when dining. (Un)Luckily, I'm not high enough ranked in any hotel loyalty program!
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