Need some new companies

Unfortunate that this happened because these shops pay a lot.

I tried to sign up for some car purchase shops and could not. I emailed the scheduler and she emailed back that I am no longer eligible because some of my shops seemed rushed.

I emailed back that I got 10/10 on all of them and that they can check the security cameras. Actually, the instructions on the last round of shops I did strongly implied they were going to do exactly this. I have not heard back. I did every shop and spent 40-60 minutes there. I did do three in one day, but I made sure to be there at least 40 minutes. I was very thorough in my reports.

A few years back, I was told I cannot do the Planet Fitness anymore because the security camera showed no one there at the time I stated. I emailed back that I had indeed used the timestamp, had gotten a schedule and had gotten the associate's name, all of which I would need to be there to do. I emailed what I was wearing and asked them to check the cameras again as I was definitely there.

Anyway, these were both decent paying shops I can no longer do. Time to go searching through all the forum to find other companies to replace them.......-

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If you are talking about Kia, supposedly the contract is wrapping up in December so you aren't really missing out.
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