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Certified Field Associates is no longer Merchandising the Anagram Balloons.Does anyone know what company will be merchandising the Anagram balloons at the Walmarts?

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They are still doing them. I still have mine. I think some Walmarts are just no longer being serviced.

shopping in CT
I live in Georgia, and I was told from Anagram, that they have another company doing them but were unable to tell me who it is. When I searched the Certified jobs there were none listed anywhere. I have been merchandising 3 stores here for the last 3 years and I am bummed not having them.
I also live in CT and Certified is still doing the Anagram Balloons assignment. They have been looking for someone for over a month now. I called and told them I did not want to do it for $8.00. I week later they called and offered $20.00. They keep calling me and I keep telling them no. They are posting the restock every week and they still can't get anymore. I think they lost the person that did it in the past. They are hurting for someone.
Is anyone else having issues loading the web site? I cannot access either portal, I get a DNS error message. All other web sites load just fine...
Received a call from Market Force this evening. The Google issue is a MarketForce, Certified issue, nothing to do with us or our computers, just Google Chrome related. I was told they were working on it and hoped to have it resolved soon.
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