Freeman Group does NOT pay in a timely fashion!

I did hotel shops for this company back in April and May and still have NOT been paid. It has been almost four months!!! They sent an apology e-mail saying I'd be paid sometime in August, four months after my shop dates and they owe me over $600 in hotel reimbursements and shop fees! AVOID shopping for this company at all costs. This is totally unacceptable and they should not be allowed to be an MSPA member with this kind of payment record.

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Use the search function and search using "all dates" and you will find they have been much-discussed on this forum and have not paid timely for a long time.
Evidently, MSPA membership requirements are lax, assuming they have membership requirements.
I recall Freeman withdrawing from the MSPA a while back when their financial troubles and late payments had started to become public knowledge.

Interesting to see that they are once again listed on the MSPA site. Not surprisingly, they are the only company on the North America list with no shopper contact information listed. I'm guessing that helps them with luring in unsuspecting newbies not aware of the payment problems.
I did a shop for them on June 14 and I received my payment and reimbursement via Paypal today. I thought that was pretty good since their timeline is between 6 and 8 weeks.
WOW! I did one on June 17th. I'm not expecting anything, but if I was reimbursed I'd shop for them again next weekend!
AustinMom Wrote:
> Use the search function and search using "all
> dates" and you will find they have been
> much-discussed on this forum and have not paid
> timely for a long time.
Yes, it took me four months for a hotel shop check. But it did finally come. I will not shop for them again.
I'm paid up for all my shops except for the last week of May. Takes about 3 months...which is noted up front. I can live with that for free hotel rooms.
I did a shop for them back in March for which I still have not been paid. This is extremely disappointing because I had decided some time ago that I would not work for them again. Then I got an email from them saying that they were working on fixing their payment problems. I did the shop for them in March and still have not been paid.

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The only hotels I see in my area are for crappy, run-down motels. I did one of them for Freeman and there was hair in the bathtub, dried blood on the walls, and a questionable stain on the bedspread. It made the Bates Motel seem like the Four Seasons.

Which MSC has nice hotels?
That sounds scary Phoebe.

I am doing my first overnight route with a hotel next week. I have done a stand alone hotel shop before and that shop was very, very long. In looking over the form for this one, it looks like it should only take 15 or so minutes to complete.

I will have to see how it goes. It is not for Freeman
Who are you doing the shop for? I have done a few and found out they take a long time to pay up to 6 months.
Once again, Ive been burned by Freeman. That makes me the idiot for being foolish enough to accept another shop with them. They owe me over $120 for a shop done in early June. My last reply from them regarding this payment was:

I do not have a set date for you at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience and if you will stay in contact we will do the best we can to reimburse you as soon as possible. I then e-mailed all the "management" people at the firm, whose e-mails were listed in another thread, and got NO response from ANY of them. As far as I'm concerned, this company is "closed for business" and I'd avoid them like the plaque. THEY DONT PAY THEIR SHOPPERS!!!!
I hate to say this, but a job done in early June is just reaching their posted guidelines for payment which I believe is 12 weeks. However in reality, I believe they are up to the end of 2011 right now.
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