Waiting on score from BARE

Has anyone know why it sometimes takes BARE a very long time to score/receive your report? I've done 4 shops for them that have been received & scored and yet one that I did prior is still only showing as completed.

I would have thought that if there was a problem they would have contacted me by now. Its been a couple weeks already.

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Some times they get very busy and don't get around to them for a while\. If there was aproblem you would have heard by now. Jsut keep doing wht you have been and you will probably be alright.
I have definitely had a few shops where the grade has been remitted very late. Just keep checking the website (they usually do not email grades).
My last shop for them remained in "Complete" status for 15 days before it moved to "Received". I was paid 31 days after the shop. No news is good newssmiling smiley
I stopped shopping for them. I did a couple of shops with great narrative and got graded an 8. Enough for me. I am waiting for them to get a real editor. My reply was that an 8 is very good. NOT in my book.
The shop in question for me is at 24 days and still in completed status!! But I agree, usually no news is good news.
Had a scheduler tell Ron to let him know when all his shops were submitted and he'd get them in. Said that the editor might not get around to them by Friday. That would have delayed payment for another month.

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So the audit FINALLY shows as "received" but no score and the shop fee says "payment pending" ?!

Never had that show up before. Anyone had this happen to them?
Sometimes the MSP has overbooked the shop and my report wasn't needed or used. No rating was given, but I got paid.
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