HELP! Urgent Question about BARE!!

Hi everyone! I have a shop due today and I have NO idea how to submit my receipt! My scheduler is out of office and it's past office hours. I'm assuming I just e-mail her the receipt but I'm not sure if that's a legit way to submit it since she's out of office until Monday!The survey doesn't have a upload receipt button and I'm scoured their website for an answer. Can anyone help me ASAP?! thank you so much!

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In your report there should have been a prompt for you to scan your receipt and then upload that scan into thr report. If you have already closed out your report you can try to e-mail it to Bare International. There should be a help desk on their website check that out also you may need to e-mail it to the help desk if you can't get back into your report.
Thanks Pb! It says in my report, complete shop/submit.(only button besides ((save shop for later)) It doesn't have a upload button for receipt. It does say, "submit your detailed rec. within 24 hours--e-mail preferred. I'm ASSUMING I e-mail it to the person that gave me the shop. Would anyone else assume that also? Thank you in advance for prompt responses!
In your Shop Log, what is the status of the shop? If there was an upload link within the report, which is typical for Sassie reports, it should not have submitted as a complete shop without uploading. If the status of the shop is "incomplete", go back into it. Upload can be at the beginning, middle or end of the report. If this has all been tried, to no avail, then I would email it to the scheduler, from your email account, and save a copy of your sent email. Emailing from the Help/Contact section of the site does not save a copy of what you send.
Exactly what Mert said! Relax and good luck.

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Mert- Thank you for the clarification! I have NOT tried submitting it yet. I figured if I did, it would save it as a blank which would obviously be bad. The shop isn't until 9pm tonight. I was trying to make sure that I didn't have any hiccups. I AM hoping that when I submit it, it will also have a button that says, "upload receipt" or something like it. I'm also hoping that it's ok to take a picture of the reciept and upload it to her e-mail or wherever it needs to go. I do this for another mystery company) thank you for your help!
STF, you may have to take a leap of faith and submit your report. If there wasn't an upload link, you will email the receipt. If there is one, the system will prompt you. Worst case scenario, your shop goes into overdue status. Try saving a pdf of your report. Any narratives, save as word docs. It may unnerve you over the weekend, but you will plead your case to the scheduler, asking her to remove your late status, and most likely, she will. Schedulers and editors don't always work around the clock, like shoppers. If not before, everything can be worked out the first of the week.
I am doing several now. You do have to go into the report. There is where you see the upload link. If you want to go in and look at the report, click on view/submit, just save it if you aren't ready to submit. There is a button that says upload picture. Easy, peasy.
All of the shops I do for Bare has an upload button to click on at the beginning of the report. I have an all in one. I tape the receipt on a piece of paper with the assignment #, my number, date etc., then scan the receipt and name it according to where I am. When submitting the shop report I simply click browse... find the shop rcpt., then upload. I got my all in one for $79.
Thanks everyone! I was able to get it figured out and already got my score. 10! smiling smiley Whohoo!! I'm hoping that if I continue to do a good job they will give me higher grade assignments.
I had this problem w/ bestmark. I would send the receipts to their e-mail address as a backup
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