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Castforce vs Cast Retail.

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Cast Project

Don't work for them. They work you then don't pay you. They take your previous work and detract the one you are working on from it. They say they didn't get your faxes and web work. They have you to run off the paper work on your projects. They... Continue Reading


Please don't let the flashy site fool you, CAST Retail is nothing more than a dolled up CROOK company! They say their pay date is the 15th of each month. What they don't tell you is that it will be a week later when your pay is processed. You... Continue Reading

Has anyone heard of Cast Retail?

I am just starting with this's kinda confusing... Continue Reading

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I noticed all this month no jobs so I kind of suspected them closing. I did get calls from cast retail, one day they called me relentlessly until I answered. (Source). January 30, 2016

Give it time... it will smooth out. Cast Retail is growing quickly which is why they are restructuring. (Source). January 13, 2016

Does anyone know when Cast Retail started operations. (Source). January 02, 2016

I think first of all you need to contact Cast Retail and not Castforce to get your questions answered. (Source). January 01, 2016

Castforce has always been a division of Cast Retail, operating under the same roof. (Source). December 21, 2015

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com 800.891.9292 No info on pay schedule Shopmetrics reporting platform is mentioned, but as a secondary platform [u]Creative Agency Services Team (Cast Retail Project)[/u] Main site: http:// www. (Source). December 04, 2014

My assignments have been Comcast service centers (as opposed to Comcast retail centers. (Source). June 22, 2014

Cast Retail, IS NOT a very reliable or trustworthy company to work for. (Source). September 07, 2011