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anyone else have problems with Bestmark not paying properly, they do not properly pay, don't do shops for them they make us bogus reasons as to not properly pay people

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No, Bestmark always pays me on time, and like clockwork.

“Lying in bed would be an altogether perfect and supreme experience if only one had a colored pencil long enough to draw on the ceiling."
~Gilbert K. Chesterton
You are entitled to feel that way. I don't care for many companies cutting fees while adding requirements that the shopper must complete. :-) One thing about Bestmark, though...When they change their rules, they make you go to the shopper agreement page and read and okay it before you can do anything else on their site. At least they are up front about it. Many many MSC's sneak changes into small print in shop instructions you can't see until after the shop has been accepted.

“Lying in bed would be an altogether perfect and supreme experience if only one had a colored pencil long enough to draw on the ceiling."
~Gilbert K. Chesterton
They certainly are far from a favorite of mine. Most of the clients I was willing to do in the past have left them and it has always annoyed me that they bribe shoppers to do the nasty shops with shops of unrelated clients. Makes me kind of wonder if that is why some of their clients have left.
I started out with bestmark, and they have always paid me on time, they pay 2 times a month, and i alway get paid, you fill out your reports, and if they are half ok, they still except it, and paid you. I have had no problems with bestmark,so far.
They aren't on my faves list.

I have had 2 shops rejected by them. Now, just as a point of reference, I do over 1000 shops a year and have less than 1% rejected, usually for something I admit was my fault.

Both of my Bestmark rejected shops were for something out of my control.

At some point the cost of doing business with them became non cost effective for me.
That's interesting. I love my Bestmark scheduler. She's a wonderful person. I'm always treated courteously, and nearly always get the shops I bid on. I'm paid twice a month, always on time. The only thing I don't like is the lengthy in-depth narratives required by some of the clients.

I try to avoid the shops offered by Bestmark that I know will require more than I care to write, otherwise they're great.
Bestmark pays in a timely manner and has nice schedulers, but is quicker to throw out a shop on a technicality than any other company I have come across.

I got burned by them many years ago on a dining assignment when my receipt had an incorrect time on it. Even though I pointed this out in the narrative and gave the correct time of day that I arrived, they refused to pay me and said that I arrived later than the available window for the shop, which was not the case.

It still irks me to this day. That was the only time I have ever been stiffed by a MSC. I'd be scared to take a shop with them this week because of the time change. I got two receipts this week that were one-hour off because the system had not been adjusted for daylight savings time.
My last Bestmark assignment, a hotel evaluation, was paid by cheque before I received my credit card statement. I certainly cannot fault their payroll department and the evaluation itself was clear and straight-forward. That assignment was my second for the company, so I do not have a wealth of information upon which to offer a more substantial opinion.
I have been working with BestMark for over five years. They have always paid me the correct amount and on time. I had the opportunity to meet Ann Jennings, the president of BestMark during the 2009 IMSCX. She was absolutely delightful, both as a speaker and a person. Two of their schedulers were there as well. They were also very nice and a lot of shoppers commented on how nice they were. Some of the jobs are harder than others. The hotels I do for them are by far the easiest I have ever found. I have found it is better to communicate issues by calling and speaking with my scheduler.

President of the Independent Mystery Shoppers' Coalition.
Warning: This User Has Been Banned or Is No Longer Active
its not the schedulers who are the problems it the upper management that is the problem with betsmark, The upp management and the supervisors are very rude and unprofessional
dee shops Wrote:
> No, Bestmark always pays me on time, and like
> clockwork.

And I'd have to agree. No problems with Bestmark!
I like working with Bestmark, especially for the scheduler I normally work with. I only do the entertainment/dining/hospitality shops, however, because I don't think the fees for the many electronics shopping jobs are worth it. I have always been paid promptly, although I feel that the editor is sometimes overly picky and quick to make deductions. I've never had an entire shop rejected, but have had sections rejected with deductions from the job's fe The only really unfair policy I have found so far is that they base deductions for a late report on a percentage of the total POSSIBLE payment, meaning the largest allowable reimbursement, for the shop. Well, they allow a much bigger (2-3 times more) reimbursement for hotels than I ever need to pay for the one I evaluate, so if I am even an hour late they deduct as though I were getting a far larger reimbursement than I actually am. But the shops are my favorite shops, the scheduler is generous and nice, and the checks are on time.
I have had a different experience. I have rarely heard from BM editors..Only when something seemed really out of whack to them, which usually had to do with a weird coffee timing.

“Lying in bed would be an altogether perfect and supreme experience if only one had a colored pencil long enough to draw on the ceiling."
~Gilbert K. Chesterton
I've only done one shop with Bestmark so far and I really hated it. I'm wary to take anymore: it was just uncomfortable and a lot to remember, but it paid about $22. I haven't been paid yet because I've just done it recently, but they've updated my information saying that my payment would be on the 20th.

Do they pay by check?
They pay me by check. Like clockwork...smiling smiley

Shopping Bama and parts of Georgia.
I'm still learning 24/7.
I did a huge number of Bestmark shops when I was in So Cal. I've never heard from an editor and have always been paid on time. In my book, they have one of the most professional and nicest schedulers in the business-Cory Walker.

Independent Scheduler
On the other hand, they also have less stellar schedulers than Cory. I find they are a mixed bag and am certainly not fond of the scheduler for my area at this time.
I have a question about Bestmark, referring to the payment: I noticed people said they pay by check, so my processing date shows up as today. Does that mean they'll send out my payment today in the mail?
I'm not really sure. The company is not one I have had to follow up with for payment. The checks have always come in promptly, usually during the second half of the month for shops done during the first half of the month. My most recent shop for them was done the 11th and I received the check in hand on the 28th.
Well, I checked my mail today after I posted this and the check came today! So, I guess their date of processing means the date you'll receive the check. smiling smiley
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