Problem submitting reports for Second To None?

I am a brand new shopper. My first two shops were for "Beyond Hello". My next two shops were for "Second To None". For some reason, when doing my report, I was unable to advance beyond the first page of mthe report. When I hit next it goes back to question # 1. Has anyone else experienced this problem with "Second To None"? It's a shame because the jobs were nice and I feel I would have been able to communicate the info needed effectively.

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Check to be sure you have answered each question on the page. In the comment field, if you have no comment, did you put NA?
There were eight questions and I answered them all. I even re-did the report on my desktop with the same results.On my laptop I was using Internet Explorer and on my desktop I was using Firefox; same results.
2nd to None suggested making sure my computer is set for updates to programs(already done) & to check my cookies. Neither worked. My son works I.T. @ Delta & maybe he has a suggestion
Hmmm, usually if the report jumps you backward, it means you still need to answer something.
peachgirl Wrote:
> Hmmm, usually if the report jumps you backward, it
> means you still need to answer something.

That was my thought, too, peachgirl. The bounceback error I have had problems with in the past has been that I get all the questions answered but in the description area I forget to type "NA." Keep us posted on this when you identify the problem .... if there's a new glitch out there I will surely fall into it, too, very soon ......
Thanks guys, you're probably right. Unfortunately the report is no longer available. I'll have to be more careful the next time. Again, thanks AustinMom and peachgirl :-)
I have done several second2none shops. It is a good company to work for, I have not had an issue like this before. Dont let this experience discursiveness you.
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