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I saw a similar question asked a long time ago now here in the forum, which has now been closed due to its age, the question was,' why does it say Capella Mystery Shopping in the upper left corner' @ the Maritz Mystery Shopping login page ( []) ?? As I recall, when the question was posted previously..nobody gave any kind of direct answer.

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Only Maritz knows the answer to that question, I think there was a merger or acquisition involved, or that could be the software they use for their reports. It really doesn't matter in the real world. When you get to the signin page, just bookmark the site so you can find it easily no matter what they call themselves.

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Hi dspeakes,
Thanks for a reply..where I live (Texas), there happens to be a Capella University..that uses the same type of logo, coincidence ???
Jeese. Capella is the name of the software they use...

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Hi mrcomputer101,
Thanks so much for your clarification about I'm still new to this mystery shopping thing (other than dealing with mystery shopper's where I work, [home improvement store] now I'm seeing everything from their side. My only wish is now that the company is known as Maritz CX, the software side will get better. Be least where I live (75165 zip code) we are under a winter storm warning..sleet/freezing rain, which means icy road's.
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