Receiving email when reports are evaluated.

Is it normal to not receive an email saying your shop has been reviewed? The first companies I shopped with sent me emails saying my report had been evaluated and in case cases with the report rating. Last week I did two shops for new companies that use Sassie. I logged into their sites today and saw both reports had been evaluated and rated but I never received notice. Nothing in my spam either. Is it typical to send out emails or did I just happen upon companies that do that when I started?

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Some companies do send an email, some don't. You will never see an acceptance email from Market Force. Some of the SASSIE companies seem to automatically send whatever ended up in the notes on the far right hand side of your shop log. But not all SASSIE companies even use that review section and not all SASSIE companies show a grade for your shop. ACL systematically sends out review notices, All Star does sometimes, the list could go on and on. As a shopper I always figure, "No news is good news." If a company has or had an issue with my report I would have heard about it probably within a few days.
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