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I'm signed up with a MSC that specifically advertises that if you would like to be put down as a backup when an assignment is already taken, you should write to them to let them know. I saw that they had assignments for an establishment that is literally around the corner from my house, so I wrote and said I was specifically interested in being a backup for that assignment. The scheduler wrote back to me saying that she had other shops available right now in my state, but she didn't know how far I was willing to drive. She wrote not word one about my specific request to be used as backup on the shop in which I was interested. A yes or no answer would have been fine.

My question is should I just let it go so I don't chance ruffling her feathers? Or do these companies usually have a number of schedulers so that I might have a chance of asking someone who might actually answer my question? I don't want to commit a faux pas as I'm not sure how these things are typically done. At the same time, I really would like to be put down as a backup any time that shop comes up again if I'm not assigned. Thoughts?

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I would probably respond that I appreciated the information but at this point I was not planning any routes or trips far from home, which was why I was interested in being a backup specifically at the 123 Main Street address that was close to me here in [my town]. I then would let it be unless she recontacted.
I have known schedulers before who didn't actually read my email thoroughly and have had to politely send a second email regarding the same topic. But Flash's solution is perfect.
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