Warning to all shoppers and merchandisers!

Stay away from Dot2Dot Retail- they are non payers and totally unprofessional!
It apparently is someone trying to start a merchandising business who doesn't know what they are doing. I'm currently suing them for 45 days wages !

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I had heard others express concern about them before, but I've been paid I believe according to schedule so far.
Oh dammit! I just completed 4 jobs for them last week! They owe me $48.00 sad smiley

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Hmmm, too bad there's not enough cogent information for me to make a decision, I think I'll just go ahead and sign up.
I keep getting emails from them regarding shops at least 20 miles or more from me. Some urgent, some more urgent... all in Wal-marts with flat fees. Um, nope. So they don't owe me anything.
Thanks for the heads-up.I too am getting almost daily emails about job offers.I just have not had the time to do any of their jobs,I'm glad I passed.
I just received a payment from them. So far I've been paid for all my work with them. I have a problem though with reports not being available in time for the visit.

I had one scheduled today. The site said the paperwork would be available by 6 PM on Sunday. As of 10 this morning, it still was not there and I couldn't wait any longer for it.

That happens often with them.
I am going to add my experience here. Dot2Dot owes me about $90 for work done over the last 2 months. I had 4 jobs scheduled for them this past Thursday, but because of a car accident last week that totalled my car, I have been working half days and trying to do as much as I could. I was only able to complete 2 of my jobs, and called and only got a recording. I emailed 3 different email addresses, posted on their Facebook wall twice, and all I have gotten are canned emails saying my reports for the 2 stores are overdue. I had 4 more scheduled for today, and asked in my Thursday email that they cancel those. They're still on my board, and hmmm...the paperwork for today isn't even available. Last time I posted in this chain i got several private emails saying I should wait and see, they are legit,etc. but I am wondering just how far behind they are that this goes on. I know the purple portal gets behind on paperwork, but how do you do a one day only job with no paperwork?Their FB page is FULL of people who either haven't been paid or can't get their paperwork, or have worked for them for a month and have begged for the new hire paperwork.

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Thanks for the warning. I'll be staying away from these guys. Let us know if things get better.
I did not think that you could use names od co for mystery shopping on this forum, I am sorry that u did not get paid. josi
A couple days ago, I responded to an "urgent shops in your area" email with a "please delete me from your system," and have not heard from them since. I am so glad I did not waste my time, after reading some of these horror stories.
Saw the current LONG list of stores to fill register candy. You are allowed one whole hour to fill ALL registers. ALL~ No extensions. And ALL must be filled. Sure in one hour. Granted it is refilling sections but 60 minutes total.
And that capped hour does not compensate the fact that you are working in a wal-mart. Add another hour- parking, signing in, finding a manager, getting the product, doing the job, finding a manager to sign off...
I do a lot of jobs for Dot 2 Dot.....no problems so far with the exception of surveys not being available on time.

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Dot2Dot has a few good folks and a lot of sorry ones. I gave up on them some time ago...

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I'm still learning 24/7.
...sounds like most of these merchandising companies are a scam...please report them to your local labor board, they are misclassifying people as 1099 when they should be W-2
Actually not true. Most are not a scam.
There are many legit ones out there. There is a difference between legit and poor paying jobs. There are many poor paying ones right now but still legit. If they can find a person to work and get paid for a 15 minutes job they well.
You know ahead of time how they classify you as employee or non employee.

jlpc8188 Wrote:
> ...sounds like most of these merchandising
> companies are a scam...please report them to your
> local labor board, they are misclassifying people
> as 1099 when they should be W-2
Beware of catchy phrases such as: Up to $12 HR; when searching for jobs! Some of these companies may state that;but actually don't offer to pay it! It's better known as: "Bait and Switch"
Actually, detoxifier, that's not known as "bait and switch." Bait and switch is offering a job that pays $12/hr., then assigning a job that only pays $10/hr. Saying in a job listing or ad that there are jobs available that pay UP TO $12/hr. is not deceptive. Anyone who doesn't ask what a job pays before accepting the job and getting it in writing is creating their own problems.
Thanks avitoots! Your response is well received! At least this gives notice that there are advertised jobs listed as mentioned- and potential job-seekers should be prepared to ask the hard questions,and get everything in writing.
I don't know where you got your information from on Dot2dot Retail. I worked for them last year and I even know the owner. She's very nice and very hard working. The jobs are easy and I was paid as promised and fairly quickly also. If you are not, they have a contact number on their paperwork and an email address.I would contact someone there and tell them what your problem is.
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