Thanks for the place to discuss merchandising

I just wanted to give a big thank you to Jacob for setting up the merchandising section. It will be nice to have a safe place to dicuss the pros and cons of the merch industry, companies, and jobs.

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I appreciate the merchandising section.
Can you give a link in the go to forums at the bottom of the page like you do for introductions, discussions, etc?
I have to keep going to previous page to look at the next topic.

~~*~~*~~*~~ kal ~~*~~*~~*~~
Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just forget to load the film.
I have been in merchandising too many years to count, but before this I have always felt as though I was preaching to the choir.

Thank you for providing an outlet for people who are involved in, or want to become involved in, merchandising.
Add another THANK YOU to the list. I was excited to get the email notification. When I cut back drastically on my MSing due to low/falling fees and higher gas prices, I started doing more merchandising assignments and found out I loved it more. It's been a few years since I've merchandised (surgeries, was supposed to move out of state) but I'd like to get back into it as I really enjoyed it.

So THANKS! This will be hugely helpful to all of us interested in merchandising. smiling smiley
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