I am looking for a ton of IC Merchandising Reps all over the USA

Hi all,

I am working for a newer Merchandising Company called Keystone Merchandising Solutions. We have taken on a few large accounts and we are outgrowing our database of reps! We really need new reps all over the USA as these jobs start popping up.

We are a member of NARMS. We have jobs that are one time visits, Roadshow events, Monthly recurring and even weekly or biweekly.

We pay on a biweekly basis (paychecks right now - I am working on paypal for 2013). I have moved us from paper reporting to online reporting as well. This reporting works on most Droids & iPhones as well.

Please check out my recruiting site and sign up for our database and mailing list as well! We have a Facebook page, Twitter & Google+ page as well! ( I might as well list them all once -- -just this time because I don't want to be too annoying! LOL)

Connect with us on the social media sites for job updates!
• www.facebook.com/KeystoneMerchandisingSolutions (web page- LIKE)
• www.facebook.com/groups/KeystoneMerchandisingSolution (FB Group)
• [twitter.com]
• Google+ Company page [plus.google.com]

The MOST important link is actually the one below for the database & mailing list! I use that to contact potential reps to fill jobs FIRST.

Thank you,
Kimberly Daniels

National Accounts Director
Keystone Merchandising Solutions
Tel: 484.650.3340


Please add yourself to our Database & mailing list as well!!

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the rate of pay varies from assignment to assignment. Occasionally it will be $12-15 per visit or per hour.

Some visits pay $12-15 per visit based on an hourly alloted amount of time, but the reps tend to become efficient quickly are are done in around 30 minutes

for now, we pay via paper check. We are looking in to paypal this year.

We work mainly on a 2 week pay period.

smiling smiley Kimberly

Thank you,
Kimberly Daniels

National Accounts Director
Keystone Merchandising Solutions
Tel: 484.650.3340


Please add yourself to our Database & mailing list as well!!
I would check with anyone that has work for then the last few months. I Did 1 project for them on 05/17/13 not paid yet
this info is taken off my email to them I have left some blanks so as not to name the store this project was completed in.

1. 5/29/13 Kim I have completed _________________ project at _______________and turn in paperwork please let me know when project will be paid
No return email with answer

2. Phone call in between email 1 and email 2
Answer We haven't receive our payment from company (That not my problem)

3. 6/17/13
To All
I still haven't got my pay check for project ________ in _________ in ___________, Al completed on 05/17/2013 WHAY SEEM TO BE THE PROBLEM
NO one is answering the phone tried all 3 numbers

Answered 6/18/13
I am so sorry we haven't returned your calls. I looked it up and your check was mailed two weeks ago. You should have gotten it by now. I called my bank

ME 6/18/13
I didn't get it .to Please stop payment on that check and send another one to my _______________

4. 6/28/13 Another week goes by and I still have not got paid $24.00 for this project done on 05/17/13 ______________
6/29/13 No answer as of today.
Do you have any work available in west Kentucky or northwest Tennessee? I have applied in the past but never heard anything.
I also have applied in the past when they were advertising need reps all over the US. I have never heard anything. DO you have anything in middle Tennessee? Nashville area.
Signed up over 3 months ago- have received nothing

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JoeInPhila Wrote:
> Almost sounds like the regular staffing agencies I
> sign up with;

IKR They advertise all kinds of positions, then you have to call every day for who knows how long to get a job.
Update still not paid and more excuses for completed job none on 05/17/2013

I sent sms to all 3 phone numbers I got 1 reply back from company

To Peggy
hi peggy, ill pass this to Joe. We had an issue on the vendor pay side &
worked with them on it. We pay when project gets paid & they caused a
delay. Thi

To Peggy
s doesn't usually
Happen. I'm sorry for the delay. It was unavoidable
On our end

This was not told to me (We pay when project gets paid)
I feel sorry for the other people that they owe money too. Mine is only ($24.00) Maybe they need the $24.00 to pay there own bills
sounds like peggyswear's post should be heeded before doing any jobs for this company!
Thank you jlpc8188, I am beginning to think thats why they are looking for more reps they don't pay you so they know not to call and ask you to do another projects. I wonder if there clients know they are not paying the reps for the work they have completed.
Has anyone ever been told they can't pay you untill they get paid, sound like they are running off a shoestring bugets
I would like to say after 2 months and many excuses I receive my check from Keystone Merchandising

Not sure what your problem was but Keystone has paid me consistently every two weeks for a few years. The check is 30 days out but they come every two weeks like clock work.

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How odd, a Go Daddy Site. When I applied months ago, the site did not look like that at all. It looked more legitimate and had job postings, mostly demo work at shopping clubs. I wonder what is up? Time to do some research.

I just tried to look them up as a general business posting. There isn't anything out there on the web about them that is less then 5 months old. No jobs, nothing on NARMS, not even anything on Indeed. I wonder if they were bought out or closed down? I haven't seen their people doing the roadshows or demos at the shopping clubs lately.

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Hmm the websites don't work, and the email I sent was just sent back to me as undeliverable....

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