Marketforce/ Walmart Merchandising Projects (?)

Happy New Year!

Anyone done merchandsing projects at Walmarts for MarketForce? Easy, worth the time and money? I receive numerous projects near my local Walmart store and wonder if its worth my time. ie Balloon inventory once week for an example?

Thank you!
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I have not done a Walmart merchandising shop for Market Force but I tried their merchandising at Dollar General etc. Horrible! Pay is very low and if they have not had anyone process the inventory for a long time...the place is a mess as far as the "planogram" (how they want the inventory placed) and it takes sometimes several hours to make it right so you can take a photo of what you order to be paid the 1 hr fee that is offered. If you have problems you are to call them, if you are doing the assignment on a saturday or in the evening, you cannot get in touch with anyone.

I have been successfully shopping with approximately 20 companies and Market Force Merchandising fired me! I was not upset. I spent approximately 7 hrs on 2 jobs for $20 total pay. You are better off going to the other side of Market Force, not the merchandising side. There you are paid for what you do, not for the bad job someone else did at that location and you have to correct it!

Just my opinion though. Good Luck.

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Francine, please click "edit" at the bottom of your post and edit your post and remove the clients of Market Force. Because shoppers sign a confidentiality agreement (ICA), we are prohibited from revealing the clients of MSCs. In addition, the guidelines of our forum prohibit revealing the clients of any mystery shopping company.

Posting Guidelines: Be honest. Add a positive contribution to the community. You are responsible for all the content of your post. Do not reveal the clients of mystery shopping companies. We're in this together. And most importantly: Have fun!
I wouldn't think that the rules concerning revealing Mystery shop clients and companies would apply to merchandising companies. As someone who has done merchandising for a few years I have never seen a requirement to not reveal clients. It's really quite different from Mystery shopping as there is little doubt who I work for when I wear a merchandising company shirt while working in a large retail establishment.
I of course don't make the rules here so that's just my opinion.
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Limmie -- I do several merchandising jobs in Walmart through a couple of companies and there is no guarantee that you'd be assigned to the Walmart near you.
My personal opinion is that any merchandising assignment in Walmart (I've done several) will generally take longer and be quite a bit more difficult than described.
I have done a few at the Walmart supercenters in my local area (2 that I can reach within 15 mins to 40 mins) I live in a rural area and if you can time them right when associates are not going to lunch or unloading something. you can do it.

I have done some where the walmart employee already took care of the display also!

Sometimes if I happen to be shopping for myself in a few days before I have to do the shop - I will touch base with the section I am doing to let them know I am coming and ask who I need to speak to, etc.
Francine -- I accepted the dollar store job for this week, the first I'm doing it. From what I read the job pays for the first full hour plus increments of 1/4 hours. Is that not your experience?
An update:

I completed my DVD assignment at the dollar store. Everything went relatively smoothly. The store had not been serviced in 6 months and DVDs were mixed with other vendors but the directions are clear and if you're organized I don't see this being an issue (I had to go through three separate sections to find this vendor's DVDs. What made it easy was identifying them by the UPC which all began with the same number).

There also may have been an update since Francine used them -- you do not (at least for my assignment) have to call for overtime authorization, just include the reason when filing your report.
R1 Wrote:
> What companies are you getting Walmart
> merchandising assignments from?

It's in the topic of this posting. But now the merchandising part has now been taken over by SPAR. I don't know what other company's do merchandising at Walmart. But there are others.

If you see someone stocking the greeting cards or Sportscard collectibles that's another company
Mosaic, does many merchandising assignments in Walmart. They do video games, laptops. gift cards and probably some I don't know about.
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