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It can be profitable but you really have to know what the assignment entails before accepting it because, with the reports, you could end up working for free. edited for spelling because assugnment is not a word.

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I agree with you. I have worked for Snap Audits for a couple of years and they are always prompt with payments and if I ever have to go back to a job it is because of a mistake I made. I highly recommend this company.
I do not see the problem. When you accept a job you see when it will be paid and they always do.
Current Awarded Service Orders: 0
Unscheduled Awarded Service Orders: 0 - $0.00
No unscheduled service orders.
Upcoming Scheduled Service Orders: 0 - $0.00
No scheduled service orders.
Quality Issues - 0 - $0.00
No quality issues.
Current Opportunities (150 miles) - 0 - $0.00
No available opportunities.
The Cast employee side is the same, and Toys R Us visits are overdue and unscheduled. Hmmm.
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