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Has anyone heard of this company? I did a Google search and nothing came up.

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Are you sure this isn't for performing SNAP audits? SNAP is a federal supplemental food program. The work pays well, but it is not very regular and you have to go whenever they send you. If you refuse too many locations, you are released. Very detailed work.
This is the email I received.

Snap Audits, LLC is offering preferred market and territory opportunities to a limited number of professional merchandisers and based on our research, we would like to establish your business as a preferred provider for work beginning immediately.

We are retained by many of the top retailers, brands, and third-party providers to audit and bring closure to projects and programs of high importance. Due to the nature of our work, we contract with highly reliable professional esources who have built a solid reputation for on-time delivery and quality of work. Our research indicates that your company is in the business of retail merchandising services, that you do work for multiple clients on an on-going basis, and that you have all of the experience, skills, and tools necessary to execute at high levels.
I can't find them. Ask them what state they are organized in an check with the relevant agency in that state to see if they are really an LLC there. That would be the first step in due diligence. They refer to "your company". Do you have a company that they could have researched?

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
I don't see them listed in the main MSRP site. I even did a Copernic search and came up with nothing. This is one I would be very leery of giving my information to until verification is established. Any contact I have had with cold calls, either on the phone or email, offering me work, tell me right away where they got my name from. Too vague with the "your business" and "their research into your company" for my comfort.
Let us know if you find out anything.

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This is the only thing even close that I can find. I found it on Linked in. Now I'm even more suspicious.

SNAP Services, LLC

SNAP Services, LLC

Marketing and Advertising

1-10 employees

SNAP is an award-winning, easy-to-integrate platform designed to modernize traditional in-store loyalty programs by expanding upon them to include today’s most popular social media networks. SNAP is the first platform to bring social media posts and passive check-ins to the growing masses of location-based check-in and social network users. SNAP offers businesses large and small the ability to creatively and continually engage customers with both in-store and online loyalty rewards, strengthening brand, enhancing customer loyalty and increasing sales. To learn more about SNAP, visit
Social Networking, Social Loyalty, Customer Loyalty, Social Rewards
Marketing and Advertising
Privately Held
1 Blue Hill Plaza Floor 2 | Box 1546 Pearl River, NY 10965 United States
Thanks, all. You verified what I thought.

Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product. Eleanor Roosevelt
I found this on the ISN Corp site:

SNAP Reviewers

ISN performs thousands of Store Reviews, nationwide, for the Federal Government each year. In support of these programs, we are looking for hard working, detail oriented people to visit businesses nationwide and collect data used to establish a company’s compliance with Federal Regulations. Compensation is very competitive and consists of hourly wage + paid travel time and expense reimbursement. Job duties include:

• Driving to multiple locations
• Completing survey forms and checklists
• Taking store inventory
• Taking photographs
• Collecting flyers
• Uploading reports online

A successful candidate must have the following:

• Reliable transportation
• Digital Camera
• Personal computer with high-speed internet access
• Attention to detail
• Strong communication skills
I worked for ISN doing the SNAP audits. Very intensive, tight time requirements, very detailed reports. You must go back immediately if there is anything that is even marginally questioned. Huge reports, diagrams, photos and explanations. The last one I did I had to return to the store with a 6 foot step ladder to get an additional photo. They wanted an corner to corner interior shot. Unfortunately, the only way to get one was from 8 feet in the air, as the center snack displays were taller than I am.( I'm 5'6) Paid well, but there is a point where it's just too crazy for me. Standing in the middle of a busy road to get all the required exterior shots was pretty exciting too.
Lots of little independent gas stations, corner stores in low income neighborhoods. Some of the staff really give you grief and you have to speak to the owners over the phone and explain that if they don't let you do your job, they can not accept food stamps. That changes their minds fast and you are left to do your job. You see lots of highly overpriced food items, like $1.00 for an apple, $5.00 butter that is $2.85 at Aldi. I guess when it is the only food source in the neighborhood, you can gouge the poor all you want.
I got the exact same email as @Wild Bill. It seemed legit, but I came here to check it out before giving my info. Anyone else actually give them their info and find anything out?
I also just received this same e-mail this morning. I copied the link and pasted it into a browser. Still not feeling this is totally legit.
The bottom of the email says this:

You email was provided by the wares subscription site.

Anyone know what that is?
Anyone want to share the web address it was sent from? Just copy and paste. Not finding anything on them anywhere on the Web is a puzzle.
The link from the email leads to this:
Which is not their website, just a site they used to create a form. Which is why they can't be found. That seems fishy, why would they not have a website if they were legitimate?

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I wonder if the wares subscription site they are referencing is the old NARMS? The new name is World Alliance Retail Excellence and Standards. They are NOT a member, I just checked their member roster. Cast is still listed as Castforce by the way.

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The email leads to a Ashburn Virginia location, but they are bouncing off a U.K. server. Now I'm on a quest.

SNAP is not on here, but there are other BBB scams for mystery shoppers and the dreaded Western Union and Walmart scams, so I thought I would put it on here for your edification. Amazing stories from the victims. Scary how many are out there.
My name is Tammy. I work for SnapAudits. My number is (302) 307-2110. Feel free to call and I will answer any questions you have. Thank you.
@Littleta how do we know you are legitimate when you do not even have a website?
Are you a brand new company? Where are you doing business from? What is the history? You can not expect anyone to just send out all their information to someone who has no mention on the web. Nothing. That is how scammers work. You send out a sketchy email, you do not give out any background information about your company, you list a business as your information source that no one has heard of. It is the initials of a legitimate merchandising group, yet you are not listed as a member organization. In my opinion, this is someplace that I would not be giving my information to.
Me too, got an email asking me to apply - but all they have is an application online - no website offering their B2B services, no business registration in Delaware that I could find, not listed with D & B. Looks like an identity theft scam to me - Hit delete and din't give them any personal info to be safe!
Plus, the fact that @Littleta is now not responding, even though she responded super quick the other day, implies they are a scam.
We do have a website. [] We are not a scam. We do merchandising in most major retailers. Since it is independent contractor work we only accept EIN. We never ask for SS#.

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Suddenly there's a website.. I'm still hesitant. The website looks legitimate, besides the super blurry/fuzzy logo. I still think I'll hold off.
Please refresh your page it may be cached. It doesn't look blurry to me. Please call me if you are concerned. I am sure at some point our paths have crossed. I have been in merchandising for over 30 years.
Maybe I did something to a CV I posted somewhere (second company in 2 weeks to contact me with a job offer)

Anyone heard of Snap Audits? Are they legit? Pay decently? Anyone know why I need a EIN with them despite the fact that I make it clear I am Canadian?
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