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Please call me anytime. (302) 307-2110. My name is Tammy. I work for Snap Audits. I can answer any questions you have. The web site was down for several hours when the new logo design was placed. We get names from NARMS (WARES) mostly.

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I do not even know what NARMS or WARES is so I don't think my information was on there.
Narms is National association of retail merchandiser. Wares is the new Narms. World alliance is the new name. Merchandisers register for work.
I haven't really done any merchandising and am not even registered with any merchandising companies. Anyway, you told me a while back you don't have any work in my city so there's no point.
I haven't seen anything in my area?

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If I would get an EIN who would it be reported to? Does it go onto our Federal and state tax forms that I am a different kind of business than an IC? Is it reported to my city that I am a business? Thank you, Night Owl at 10:45 pm
The portal is not down. The link is only to get a password. Once you have the password you need to use the login. You can get there via or []
I got the welcome email with the link, but the link is not working. Who do I contact about this?
The portal is not down. The link is only to get a password. Once you have the password you need to use the login. You can get there via or [] Call me. (302) 307-2110 Direct
i am employed by snap audits and have work to complete received kits today will update after payment
I have not had any issues with Snap. Have been working for/with them since they started. I already had an EIN so nothing about them was off putting for me. They have paid as stated, on time and if I have had any questions been prompt with replies. They have been friendly and accomodating when I spoke to them on the phone for any reason and the work just keeps coming and coming. There is a lot of it to do and I'm pretty much loving it
I have been doing several of these audits and it appears to be the same ones I did for Cast only for more money. I have not found any to be difficult but I have only done five.
They are not a scam and are very easy to work for and will assist if you have a problem. I wish I could do more of the jobs.
All service orders have an invoice payment date in the opportunities tab of the portal. We pay once a month the week of the 15th on Friday.
@ctalbert Have you been paid regularly? It's easy for a company to say they pay, I want to know from a person who's worked for them.
@mkkp wrote:

@ctalbert Have you been paid regularly? It's easy for a company to say they pay, I want to know from a person who's worked for them.

I got my first check from them. Right on time and correct.
be wary as it seems I accepted jobs at one price but now the pay has decreased before the job has even started has this happened to any of you??

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The reason for that is the start date had to change due to envelopes arriving late. 4000 stores are getting new displays a week after this visit. There is no reason to do a complete reset and replace tags when the display is being removed in a few weeks. So the visit got less complicated and the time shortened. Feel free to call me and I will go into more details. (302) 307-2110
@susan2327 wrote:

be wary as it seems I accepted jobs at one price but now the pay has decreased before the job has even started has this happened to any of you??

susan2327 I have the same thing happening plus having a time changing from 4 to 6 hours, without higher pay. I was told this was going to be corrected but haven't seen it yet. We enter into contracts with these companies, as IC's, when we except work. They change that contract whenever or however they want and don't care how it effects us. They don't care when they change the start dates we took assignments because we were going to be in the area already for another assignment. They don't care they doubled our DT and mileage. We make 1 mistake and they don't pay but they can do what they want!
Bethmar224 - I don't work for SnapAudits as they don't operate in my state. But I can tell you that in general when job dates change or when details of the job change it is client driven. The merch companies hate this as well as it creates more work for them. They have to divert manpower to the new changes when it was allocated to another project. It's a headache all around.

Anyone who has done this work for a any length of time will tell you this happens at EVERY company on a fairly regular basis. It's just a nature of the industry.
Wild Bill I understand everything you are saying. The issue is being an employee vs independent contractor. As a IC you are a considered a business no different then the company you are getting work from. When you accept work as an IC both businesses are legally bound to that contract. When one business thinks they can hange that contract anytime they want, and without giving any notice isn't right. Not to mention they expect you to be 100% compliant or no pay, which I'm not referring to Snap Audit. I haven't had this issue with them. The point is most companies hire IC's to sa e money but treat you as an employee.

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I completely understand this happens all the time, but in fairness to use being legal IC's, we should be told about it, offered new details, and the chance to decline or think about it, even if it's time sensitive; if it's that sensitive, then pay up regardless of the change. We are all helping one another. The more a company does for me, the more I will do for them. Some companies have really given me a hard time before a job is done-I won't go out of my way for them, if I even choose to accept a job. Other companies, and I will name a couple of outstanding relationships, Amusement Advantage and Goodwin Hospitality... they work with me super well and that makes me want to do the best job ever (which I want anyway) and to take over when there's something they just cannot find someone to help out with. I used to to this with BestMark, but they changed people working with me after about 7 years as a part-time employee... it's rare for me to accept a job because I am nothing to them, or so it seems. Oops. Got off track. All in all, business to business, especially a company like Snap Audits that absolutely will not work with you without the IC proof (I have NOTHING NEGATIVE TO SAY ABOUT THEM, BTW), you have to be as accountable as I am.

In fact, if I screw up and they will dock my pay, then I believe it would be fair to invoice them the same way when they change what they said would be done by either party-we all have good reasons, right? OR: pay as earned. Really. Let me know there's a problem from their client's end and let me decide if I care about that client enough to do something they won't do-accept less money for the same, less, or more work than originally contracted for.
An excellent point. If I have agreed to set up 25 packages of toilet paper on Monday on an end cap at Target for $ xxx, then that is the contract. If for whatever reason, it has changed to Sunday, and now is only a photo of the toilet paper end cap, the contract is void. Now the negotiations start over with the new expectations and compensation disclosed.
You are absolutely correct in that so many companies do not want to have the responsibility of employees, so instead use I.C.'s, but, want the loyalty and accommodation of an employee when they have a snafu.
I never felt I was helping anyone out by doing a job. I turned down a lot of work that I didn't feel paid enough for the complexity of the jobs. Just business. Use my abilities, pay the rate.
I go to work and do what I have to do, so I can cone home and do what I want to do.
I agree with all the comments everyone is making. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way, and it won't, as long as they have a never ending stream of new IC's to pick up the work. It's a numbers game to them, they don't care who does the work as long as it gets done, as cheaply as possible.

Don't fool yourself, they may work with you and even bonus hard to fill jobs/ areas, buy once they have built their base of contractors they wont. That's why they hire anyone who breathes. Take a look at some of the threads on the mystery shopping forum regarding the trend of lower fees for mystery shopping. I have some gig apps on my phone that pay $2 to $4 for jobs that used to pay $12 to $15 just a few years ago. They are hoping people pick these up as they are out and about. And they do, they get snapped up quick.

I agree that the business relationships should be a two way street, but it never will be. I am so glad that I will be fully retired in a few years and not have to play the game.
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