app - Not even a newbie yet

I've never done any merchandising, but I really like using the shopping and auditing apps.

This morning I downloaded the app and tried to figure out a job near me in CO.

1 What is a planogram? Is it an actual photo or diagram or instructions? Or all of these?

2. When I introduce myself at the store, won't they expect me to know what I'm doing?

3. Where are the items I'm supposed to restock to be found?

4. Is restocking a display under the same merchandising guidelines as demo'ing products for a company?

Is there a page/book for new merchandisers?

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1) A Planogram ( POG) is a diagram or photo of the specific location items are supposed to be located on the shelf or hook in a specific section of the store.
2) You can bet they will expect you will know what you are doing!
3) The items will be in a backroom usually. You may ask where they are located. Sometimes they have to be scanned by an employee to be removed from the stock area. Depending on the item, they may be in a secure area. ( i.e.. locked caged area in backroom, under a counter.) Just ask.
4) Restocking is just taking things from where they are back stocked, to the area in the store where they are being sold. Just put them on the shelf. I don't know what you are referring to with demo'ing , so I'm sorry I can't help you there.

There is a ton of information on the internet about merchandizing. Happy reading.

Good luck with the app. job.
She will also make about $6 -7 bucks for a flat rate. How long will it take in reality? The apps are incredibly low ball. MS & MSC work for even less than the cheapest job board offer. $4.00 Best Buy audits, cell phone MS. 198 questions & 146 photos for $6.00 product verification. The frightening wave of the future.
Right, Cindy, I know I sound like a griper. I'll try and put more good news on this forum when I can.

MtnMimi, has the best clients, that's the good thing.

What I would recommend is calling the project manager and negotiating the rate! was used to be a great company paying at least $10-12 for each 20-30 minutes assignment and they use to pay mileage as well. Now since field agent and other low balls appeared in this market, these guys also reduced their pay and now their normal rate is $5-6 for 30-45 minutes job without any mileage. I will mostly blame companies like field agent and the people who are working for that cheap. I don't see anything better until we stop accepting $5-6 jobs.
I did take assignments from them when they had the $10-$12 shops because I was in that store or area doing merchandising work anyway. Then I got a doozie of a shop for $7.50 and haven't taken assignments from them since. But someone in my area has, and I guess their flaking lately....who knew that would happen?!
I have likely done my last project for On Nov 1st I got a call from one of their schedulers asking me to do 3 projects that just had to be done that day. I accepted as they were offering $18 a location plus a $15 reward for completing that day. 14 days later they are still sitting in the pending for review mode. So I missed the payout on the 10th. I emailed support and they told me it was a very detailed project so it would take some time for these projects to clear. In the past, similar projects cleared in a day or two. So my post is fair warning that this company has gone downhill over the past few months.
Extremely downhill! And not at a slow pace, either, but fast, like they're racing to the finish line - of losers! ;-)
Stay Clear of this company. They used to be soooo good!! They used to assign your project immediately, returned your calls (or texts) immediately, and even replied to your emails.

Now? Phffft! Please. They can't be bothered!

Oh, they will send you emails, though, so don't get me wrong. It's just that the email will arrive AFTER the project has been removed from your dashboard - but no email to tell you that you were assigned to the project!

But the clincher for me, to uninstall their app, was getting an email announcing the project had been assigned to me, only to find nothing on my dashboard! Imagine that!?! Then, today, i received another email announcing the survey had been removed from my dashboard!
Wait! What?
But it was never there in the 1st place!
Oi' Vey! !

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I also agree! I am not seeing many solid projects. They are asking you to go to Fedex, pick up tray, go to the store, meet manager, place tray etc. for just $7 Come on.........I think their good days are numbered.
@spicy1 wrote:

Right, Cindy, I know I sound like a griper. I'll try and put more good news on this forum when I can.

MtnMimi, has the best clients, that's the good thing.

What I would recommend is calling the project manager and negotiating the rate!

Good luck negotiating the rate. I received a call from a recruiter last night trying to fill 4-5 store routes stocking beer in grocery stores this wed, fri and sat between 2-8 pm for $15 a store. Have to commit to all three days. I told him that I did this project the 4th of July weekend for $20 a store plus a bonus for extra stores as people dropped out after finding out how physical the job is lugging beer around.

I asked if he could match the prior pay. He went on to tell me a canned response of pay rates fluctuate do to client and contract terms.

I declined and wished him well. He told me had a list of contractors to contact so keep watching for future opportunities. Yea, good luck. Over the 4th of July I started with 6 locations which ended up being 10 the first day as people dropped out after a store or two. The final 2 days I had 13 stores as people dropped like flies. That was at $20 per store.

So at $15 a store they are counting on contractors who are used to very light merch work tackling a very physical job when the stores are extremely busy. You would think they would have learned after the last go round... but I digress.
I agree, it is unfortunate the rate at which they are fast becoming a "10 Foot Pole" company. When I first started with them I had a regular weekly assignment at a great rate.

All was good. The assignment ended, then I did a few random jobs here and there at ever reducing rates.

Last week I assigned a couple of Walmart assignments as I would be going by them anyway - one I was even working in the store for another company. Once I began to review the actual assignment questions (the overview described it as a 30 min job) I was like no, no and he** no. The questions went on and on and on about specific models, demo models, were they actual "demo" models, price tags ... for many, many different units. The questions just didn't end. Then if the the demos turned out to be live product you were supposed to remove them and put up demos (yeah, right in what universe - in Walmart no less) want me to do what ?? A 30 minute job ??

I was literally in one store, standing in front of the the product in question and decided no way was this going to be worth my time and cancelled on the spot. I probably will just delete the app if this is what is being offered now.
That's what it's like now. The project managers are taking assignments and turning them into jobs that cannot be done.
This company went completely downhill. I can see that they don't have good projects now. They are also not approoachable anymore. This used to be a good company and I always tried to build relatioship but now they hired bunch of jokers, reduced pay rate. They also have more contractors who are willing to work for peanuts. So why would they care???
I am new to the forum and I found it looking for a survey forum because I Was wondering if anyone got paid this pay cycle. I cashed out and have not gotten anything from them yet. I have made alot of money with them and they have been great - I agree they have changed but this is the first time I did not get paid on the due date and they have not responfed to me. Anyone else have a problem?
I am also waiting. I think you should give them a couple of days before start panicking.
The $7 rate for each assignment is standard now. They used to pay $10-15 but not anymore.
@lazymerch wrote:

The $7 rate for each assignment is standard now. They used to pay $10-15 but not anymore.

Which would be fine if you could self assign while at the store... similar to Gigwalk. But they want to operate like a merchandising company and pay like an app company.

Dedicated visits for $7 doesn't pay the gas lol.
I did two merch shops for them the day before yesterday. At each store, I had to check on two different products. Each shop took longer than expected, and to top it off, they canceled one of the shops while I was right in the middle of it!
This company was very good in the beginning but now they have more reps and learned how to take advantage from us. I have been noticing payment reduction every 3-6 months. They started from $15 --> $12 --> 10 --> $7 --and now paying $5. You can't do anything as long as we are picking $5 jobs.They are asking to contact manager and paying just $7. This company is now SUCKS
I got mine a few days ago, so it was definitely late this month.

What company does use for shipping, and how long do packages usually take to arrive? I'd like to set up a route, and this info would help. I've messages support over a dozen times, but never got a reply.
You will soon learn why most people delete their App. Company used to be good, with projects ranging from $10-$20 per store. Now it is mostly $5-$7 per store and they expect a lot for that. The way they schedule still baffles me. Good luck!
I've never received packages from them. However, they text when no one is applying to their assignments and they are trying to ask me to complete them. I'm not positive, but it seems to me the project managers (I don't think they have separate schedulers) are independent contractors as well. They loooooove to text! I have 6 different people's numbers I could pm you however I wouldn't know which ones are still working.
I still do one regular job with them but for the most part their other assignments are not worth the hassle. I did sign up for a few and then found out they expected them to be done the same day (even though it had a 5 day window). I can't do that unless it is self-assign and theirs are not - you are left waiting to find out if you actually got the job. No way that is going to work.
That said - the one regular seasonal job I do pays well and is regular. I get assigned it ahead of time.
FYI - Seed servicing at a major hardware type location.

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