Where can I find Team Merchandising/Reset/audit Jobs?


I'm trying to find out what companies have work for teams. I'm not picky about the job just need work for atleast two people. Thanks!

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World alliance is kind of a job board for merchandising. Sign up and you can put your profile on there or check their job board.
One site I've found (and been found on) is Indeed.com.

I know it's a mega site, but I've found and been offered Merchandising jobs on it.
I joined Set and Service Resources-SASR. They are like a temp agency for merchandisers. I got a job through them working on a team. I love it. They pay weekly, direct deposit, on time, and I think it's a fair wage. You are a w2 employee with them, and they also pay a travel fee in some instances.


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Skip SASR, very low wages. Apollo is a MUCH better deal. Although, when the schedulers speak, don't say anything but "yas sar" and you'll do just fine.
My mom just retired from Driveline. They have many projects that are really big and require two people. At least they did for her.
I am still on the Driveline employee list but I took myself off "active duty" because of the extensive resets and the constant list of petty jobs to be done in a variety of locations ( like going to a store for a 10-20 min job - ie: 1.00 - 2.00 of pay). There are enough jobs from other companies upward of 12.00 an hour with a min 1 hr that I can't waste time running around town doing their assignments.

That said - if you are looking for reset work they frequently have 8-20 hour jobs that can be done by one person if you want to spend a couple of days (or one really LONG day) .
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