Anyone work for Work Smart Merchandising ?

I am signed up with them for just project work, but wondering if anyone here has worked for them before.

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I have done a job or two for them in the past few months and I was paid on time and had no issues at all.
I have a merchandising friend who I see on occasional resets who does work for them. She says the pay is good and they are a good company overall.
I have only done one job for them so far, and there were quite a few hitches to getting it going (on their end) and some details that needed clarification on my end, but they paid the very next week which was surprising.

Looks like a keeper.
I have been working with them throughout the summer. They are a keeper. Good Pay, and weekly pay, on time! Always quick to return calls, and issues were minor. I did an Adidas Audit for them, and other than my taking too many pictures, my Audit was well received.
Definitely a Keeper...

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