merchandising assisgnments/jobs that don't require travel

Does anyone know of any merchandising assignments or jobs that don't require you to travel long distances? I have applied to a few companies but they all require lots of travel and I can't do that because I'm a caretaker. I already have some of the freelance merchandising apps installed like easyshift, field agent, and mobee and I was wondering if all merchandising is always travel related or if you can find jobs that you can do locally? I'm new so I hope I put this question in the right place. Thank you!

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I don't travel, but I also don't do that much merchandising as a result (I do a lot more mystery shopping). I work for Advantage Solutions, and if you don't want to go further than say, 30 miles from home, they can work with you on that. I probably only work about 8-10 days a month, though, and it could be 4-8 hours for each of those days, as I do mainly grocery store resets (my stated preference). I am an employee of this company not an IC, but there is a calendar that I can use to schedule days and times that I am available. Also, you do your visit reporting on an app.

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When my mom worked merchandising, she was in the same situation. She worked with the company and had a list of stores should visit and they only assigned her ones close to home. Maybe if you worked with the leader of the team in your area for one of the bigger companies, they could assign you a territory and know not to send you far away.
Thanks for the replies! I actually applied for a job at Advantage Solutions and they called me back to offer me the job but they told me I would have to be traveling Mon-Thurs so I couldn't take it. I just got a job at Lawrence Merchandising though so I am going to give that a try. Thanks again!

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