Interactions Marketing

Has anyone heard of Interactions Marketing? I don't see the name on the list of MSCs. They emailed me because they saw my MSPA profile. I asked for more information and the contact told me they want someone to mystery shop their brand ambassadors in warehouse stores. Do you think they are legit?

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I do work for them. I like the shop you are talking about. Wish I could get it more often in the location by me. I've done other of their shops as well. I used to do a lot of work for them until they lost a big client with lots of stores near me. Now it's just occasional work. Pay is fair for what is required.

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Thanks. I haven't heard back yet to my reply saying I was interested. As soon as I do, I take the offer!
When you sign up with them, you will be considered an employee and not as an independent contractor. When you receive your reply email, I'm sure that they will disclose what is involved when signing up with them.
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