Help! Problem with submitting Coast to Coast Merchandising Photos

This is my first merchandising assignment and I got it from CCMI. It requires 2 photos, a before and after of the merchandise display at a department store. My problem is I can't see anywhere on the online questionnaire to upload the photos. Has anyone else done this and if so can someone give me a tip as to how to submit the photos? There are no instructions about it in the guidelines. I called CCMI but have not received a call back, and there is no email. There is an images area on their website, but no "file upload" space. I'm using Windows 10 and wondering if that could be the problem?

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Problem solved. I heard back from my CCMI contact. She said that the file uploads should appear as I complete the questionnaire. Guess I got a little ahead of myself there, but that's the first time I've heard/seen it work that way.
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